Think GCSEs are easy? Take our quiz to see how much you can remember from your school days

TEENS across the town have started their GCSEs this week.  26-05-17
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  • [08-01] @RichardStobo404 I remember a quiz you gave us on the modes of dismissal... I don’t remember “retired ill” being on…
  • [08-01] Take this small quiz to know if you still remember basic things about the human body!Leave your comment in the sec…
Think GCSEs are easy? Take our quiz to see how much you can remember from your school days
TEENS across the town have started their GCSEs this week. 
Can I be homeschooled? 'Would the council, school or social workers or whatever let me homeschool myself?' Chances are they don't have a right to a say. You only need to talk to anyone outside of your parents if you're in Scotland (guessing you're not if you're doing GCSEs as we do Nationals here in Scotland not GCSEs) or you're on the Child Protection 'At Risk' register or you go to a Special School. If you're in England or Wales or NI (and not on the At Risk register nor at a Special School), the ONLY people who get to say 'Yes, you can' or 'No, you can't homeschool yourself' are your own parents (no-one else). BTW If you want to do your GCSEs this Summer than you'll have to get organised very soon as most exam boards close their Entry Lists for their exams in around February. If I was in your position, I'd try to keep your current school on-side so they'll hopefully let you return to do your exams through them (you'll almost certainly still have to pay to do your exams wherever you sit them -- that's something else to think about. Are your parents able and willing to pay for you to do your exams as a private (home educated) candidate) Otherwise Duncan is the person here who knows what he's talking about (also Sara if she sees your post).
Should I move back to England from California? Hi, Rachel. if you genuinely see your future in the UK, I honestly feel you would be better off back in England. My reasons are more to do with the academic aspect, rather than friendships (although those are obviously important as well). Of course all secondary education is important, and you don't mention your age, but if you are between 14-16 then this is an essential period for education (GCSEs). If you are 16+ then A-levels or similar would be relevant to you. My field is education (textbook editing and so on), and having worked in an international school, I know from experience of placing students from various countries within the British education system, that academically the UK is roughly 2-3 years ahead of the US. In general, US private schools may in some cases be roughly on a par with UK state schools. My cousin was in a similar position to you (but in a different state) and returned to the UK to gain her GCSEs. You should bear in mind that there is no standardisation across the board with a US high school diploma, as there is with GCSEs, which are standardised national exams. To give a simple comparison, a US high school diploma gained at age 18 is roughly equivalent to 5 C-grade GCSEs gained at age 15-16 (I'm aware the grading has recently changed to numerical). When you consider that a high school diploma is equivalent to only 5 average GCSEs, and the norm is for students to gain 10-12 GCSEs, the difference becomes apparent. Furthermore, the second year of British A-levels is roughly equivalent to the first year of university in most other countries (which is why, apart from Scotland, our undergraduate degrees take three years rather than four). This would also mean you'd be ahead academically. Ultimately, however, you have to decide what's best for you. Good luck!
im 15 and want to move to america asap? It isn't possible, you are 15yrs old in school, living at home and not even got your GCSEs, you are going nowhere so stop dreaming, dreams have to have some reality and yours have none.......... so GCSEs, remain in school or college and get your A levels and or NVQs and get into Queens or Ulster and get a degree in a STEM as that is the only way your dream "could" happen........ a few years experience in one of the MANY STEM companies in NI.........and there are MANY of those in NI work in partnership with the US. MANY NI and Americans transfer between the two countries on inter-company work visa transfers. so you are in the best place in the UK for this to happen easily if you get the right education/skills.
Im in yr 11 in school and want to move to birmingham and i know i will have to change school, can i get GCSEs?
Is there a way to get back childhood memories at age 22? This is actually normal, But here is what i do when i want to go back into my past. Start by clearing your mind. Any Stress you have currently let it go. Then Think about the people like friends you have met over the years of adolescence. Build off those first thoughts. What were the interests you shared with those people? What can you remember about them? Can you remember going to there house? Can you remember any vacations? What did you do on those vacations? Do you have any siblings? What do you remember about them when you were younger? Think about the days of school. What stands out the most? Lunch? Physical education? recess? These are just some example questions to ask yourself to get you in that mindset. I hope this helps a little bit. I know that feeling where you just can't remember childhood.
how expensive is home schooling? Cheapest I could find were those available from Oxford Learning, http://, at £215 or £315 per course, exam fees extra (currently around £150 per subject depending on the individual exam centre's policy). ETA Trouble is you have to have access to lab facilities to do biology and chemistry, and I'm not sure how the coursework/continuous assessment thing'd work if you wanted to do art at home. My best guess is that as it has now made it impossible to do GCSEs at home, it's made it impossible to do A Levels too. In the past it used to be possible to just get the syllabuses for free from the exam board, study independently and then when you felt ready pay to do the exam. In the last year or so the government has moved the goalposts and I *very much* doubt that that is possible for British A Levels anymore. Maybe if you did International A Levels it'd be possible. Typically international courses are 100% exam based and so issues such as continuous assessment don't arise. It's like at GCSE, it is no longer possible to do British GCSEs at home, we have to do International GCSEs (IGCSEs) or O Levels instead. Mind you more and more schools, state and private, are dumping British GCSEs in favour of the International GCSEs so it's no hardship. International A Levels - http:// Alternatively have you considered doing Pre-U's instead of A Levels? Cambridge (the exam board for Pre-U's) told me that it was possible to do Pre-U's as a homeschooler when I emailed them about them. (Pre-U = Pre-University if you don't already know) Cambridge Pre-U's - http:// Apart from that my only suggestion would be you see if any of the private schools around you do practical science classes for homeschooled kids. I know of one private school in Kent which does (cuz I do some of their classes myself), and there's also another school near Inverness and one in Berkshire doing the same, but there may well be more. Your local branch of Education Otherwise would prolly know as such classes are often organised and financed by Education Otherwise ( http://)
They gather to remember their school days
ELI5: Why is it so easy to forget things we need to remember, hard if we wanna forget, and impossible to remember afterwards?
Ahhhhh! Talking to your friends on Instant Messenger, finding out your old schoolfriend was murdered by a priest, being chased by a monster through nightmare flashbacks of your school! Nostalgia! Like if you fondly remember these days!!!
Are GCSES goood enough for oxbridge?
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What gcses subjects do you to be a lawyer i am choosing my gcses very soon and i need to know if my school has the right subjects for being a family lawyer? GCSE's dont really matter, dont get me wrong they matter but for a lawyer you have to concentrate on A-levels, for a lawyer try and get: GCSE: English and math at least and if your school do, law, philosophy, business and RE but at a level make sure you take, Law, philosophy, English and maybe something like business studies incase you want to set up your own lawyer services
Does anyone remember the magazines you would in elementary school to order books out of does anyone remember the name of that company?
You got drunk one night and did stuff with this guy dont think you had sex but dont remember do remember doing other things though and he said that didnt think had sex 2 days late on period advice?
My school doesn't offer GCSE Geology so what GCSEs are best for Geology A-levels?
Does anyone remember this computer game from the 90's where you would go around a mansion or a haunted house and there would be this creepy Mozart music playing I remember playing it at school?
What are some easy passwords that you can remember? Screen NomNom 123 Your name and some numbers such as; Alli123 Password AdviceDon't disclose your passwords. Always make them easy for you to personally remember, but for no one else to easily guess. Like "12345" or anything of the like. Write them down in a secure place for you to access if you forget. Do not use the same password for all your accounts, because people may guess one and get it right for all of your personal accounts. Make your passwords a combination of letter/number number/symbol, etc to make it harder to decipher.
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