Marilyn Manson reveals that Rihanna inspired his latest album

We didn't see that coming. 12-09-17
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  • [09-10] Marilyn Manson lança o novo álbum ‘Heaven Upside Down’; ouça
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  • [09-10] Marilyn Manson lança o novo álbum, Heaven Upside Down. @marilynmanson #MarilynManson #HeavenUpsideDown
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  • [12-01] Marilyn Manson....REALLY???Cool !!!Rock onwith Marilyn at on January 15 at the Hollywood Palladium.Get your…
  • [12-01] Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson! 🎂 Want some cool Manson merch? Go ahead ➡️
Marilyn Manson reveals that Rihanna inspired his latest album
We didn't see that coming.
Marilyn Manson's new album "Heaven upside down". Hit or miss?
Why was Marilyn Manson in a wheel chair at his latest concerts?
"Lunchbox" is the second single from American rock band Marilyn Manson's? "Lunchbox" is the second single from American rock band Marilyn Manson's debut album.....
Are questions about Charlie Manson being insensitive to Marilyn Manson, and the whole Manson Family in their time of grief?
If Marilyn Manson is so edgy, why does he kill a White Christian family instead of a Black or Muslim family in his latest video?
Are you saddened by the passing of legendary musician Charles Manson? Wrong Manson, you are thinking of Marilyn Manson and NO they are not related.
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Marilyn Manson Details New Album 'Heaven Upside Down,' Drops New Song Marilyn Manson has detailed his upcoming 10th studio album 'Heaven Upside Down' and aggressive first single "WE KNOW WHERE YOU F***ING LIVE."
Marilyn Manson Has Come of Age Marilyn Manson Has Come of Age The shock rocker’s new album, ‘The Pale Emperor,’ is the work of an artist who has rediscovered himself after going through the wringer of drugs, divorce and disappointment.
Marilyn Manson: Official Statement
Marilyn Manson crushed by prop
Marilyn Manson hurt in set scenery fall Rock star Marilyn Manson has been injured after a piece of stage scenery fell on him during a performance.
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Marilyn Manson injured after set collapses during concert
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Marilyn Manson Injured Onstage in New York
Marilyn Manson crushed by prop on stage
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The state of Marilyn Manson's aging rebellion.
Marilyn Manson Isn't The Only Star Injured On Stage Performance injuries can be something of an occupational hazard for a rockstar.
Marilyn Manson is crushed by a falling prop As of 10.15pm, Manson was still being treated onstage at the Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom by emergency services who rushed on when the props fell (file image).
Marilyn Manson crushed by prop on stage in New York
Marilyn Manson crushed by stage scenery in New York The rock star was taken to hospital after the incident in New York on Saturday night.
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Marilyn Manson: 'Columbine Destroyed My Entire Career' Singer Marilyn Manson, is setting the record straight when it comes to the Columbine High School massacre.
Marilyn Manson recuperating at home after stage accident The star cancels nine dates after a stage prop collapsed on top of him on Saturday night.
Did Marilyn Manson kill a chicken on stage? An interesting conversation occurred in the office today, I'll summarise: Marilyn Manson sacrificed a chicken during a concert. Marilyn Manson is known for being... unusual. So, after a quick Google, ...
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What Object Did Marilyn Take and What Does it Mean?
Why did Marilyn Manson change his name to Marilyn Manson? He wanted a name that had the balance of good and evil. Marilyn comes from Marilyn Monroe, America's sweetheart. Manson comes from Charles Manson, the infamous killer.
Are Marilyn Manson and Charles Manson related? No, he has put Marilyn Monroe (using first name) and the second part of Charles Manson to put together 'Marilyn Manson'.
Does Marilyn Manson believe in god?
Where did Marilyn Manson come from? He was born in Canton, Ohio. He formed his band in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Is Marilyn Manson a priest? No. Back in the 90s he was a reverend for the Church of Satan. He is no longer a member though as he lost his membership card.
Who did Marilyn Manson tattoos? His tattoos (up to 2007) are by four people - Lou Sciberras, Donovan Stringer, Albert Sgambati and Ken Cameron - who all worked at Tattoos By Lou's of South Beach, Miami, Florida. The tattoos were created over a four year span, beginning in January 1991.
What is the real name of Marilyn Manson? The artist known as Marilyn Manson's real name is Brian Hugh Warner.
Marilyn Manson's Phone? a white iPhone 4.
What is Marilyn Manson's religion? Marilyn Manson is aitheist
What does Marilyn Manson look like without makeup? Marilyn Manson can be seen without make up in the videos for "Lunchbox", "Get Your Gunn", and "At some points in the "Tourniquet" video(While singing much of the first verse from inside a squar room).
Does Marilyn Manson have a Facebook? In the related links box below, I posted the information.
Is Marilyn Manson a chick? No, he is a male.
Is Marilyn Manson right-handed? Yes.
Is Marilyn Manson goth? Yes, very. He dresses goth and I consider him horror metal which is horror punk and metal combined and horror punk did come from goth rock.
How do you get into Marilyn Manson's website? Go to the official site and once there, you should see one of his logos in a blue pattern. Click on it. The screen should flash "No Reason" and then let you into the site. Please note that they could change the way of accessing at any time since writing this!
How many CD's where sold by Marilyn Manson? Just over 55 million. But some of them are only copies of an original album because some marketers wouldn't sell his albums with the original artwork on the cover.
What is Marilyn Manson's wife name? Marilyn Manson's wife's name is Dita Von Tesse.
Is this is Halloween just by Marilyn Manson? Yes.
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