7 days quiz: Who prompted the most Ofcom complaints?

7 days quiz: It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world over the past seven days? 28-09-17
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  • [12-10] First Dates [Channel 4 / 2nd Oct] 28 complaints to Ofcom for something.#FirstDates
  • [04-10] #Corrie says sorry for court scene blunder after Ofcom complaints
  • [30-10] Coronation Street: Ofcom receives 390 complaints about Phelan murder drama
  • [30-10] Ofcom receive 390 complaints about Phelan's shockingly dark #Corrie murder scenes …
  • [04-10] #Corrie Coronation Street bosses apologise for sex abuse court case blunder that led to Ofcom complaints -…
  • [03-10] Ofcom has received complaints re last night's #corrie episode which showed a court sketch being drawn of a character testifying re sex abuse
  • [16-11] Is no one going to mention that RT is governed by OFCOM, the same OFCOM that regulates the whole of the British media ?#scotnight
  • [01-10] Does anyone know what prompted this great stand by Pakistan in the days it's government had courage #UNGA
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  • [29-09] QUIZ: Which club have had two #ChampionsLeague opponents sack their manager in last 10 days? Take on…
  • [05-11] Thinking Labour's had two complaints and suspended two members, the Tories had 30+ complaints and suspended how many? #marr
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  • [11-01] @nelseyork Perhaps it was the #Ashes2017 win that prompted it?
  • [10-01] -UB-553 days with J- Hope353 days with Jeongyeon254 days with RM26 days with Yesung-semi UB-19 days with…
7 days quiz: Who prompted the most Ofcom complaints?
7 days quiz: It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world over the past seven days?
What prompted God's first act of motivation to create? What prompted the devil's first motivation to rebel?
I took a quiz your friends quiz and i wanted to know is there anyway to delete yourself off the rank board?
Do you agree that everyone, like we all did with Harvey Weinstein, condemn Judge Roy Moore for being a pedophile sexual predator? It is funny how the DNC is able to find women who are willing to make sexual misconduct complaints against Republican candidates the Left especially hates, and complaints about alleged incidents that are decades old with no evidence or witnesses at all.
So I took BPD quiz online and results showed I have it! I took depression quiz and results showed I have it! I took Hypersomnia quiz and...?
Fox News in bother with Ofcom,after a contributor called Birmingham (UK) a no-go area for non-Moslims. Your views ?
has vodafone got a good 3G signal? Hi Ruriadh Try Ofcom sitefinder- this lets you zoom in on the actual map and you can see who owns a particular mast and whether it is 2g or 3g. The mobile phone websites are very 'optimistic' sometimes.
Amanda Holden's BGT outfit gets most Ofcom complaints The June 1 episode - in which the 46-year-old ITV star wore a daring dress, slashed to the navel - attracted some 663 complaints, the watchdog said.
Al Jazeera ‘vindicated’, as Ofcom rejects all complaints about ‘The Lobby’ Al Jazeera has declared itself “vindicated”, after British regulatory body Ofcom rejected all complaints made against the channel’s undercover series ‘The Lobby’, broadcast in January. The four-episode investigation looked at efforts by the Israeli embassy in London and a number of pro-Israel lobby groups to influence British political debate, including by smearing critics of Israeli policies and supporters of Palestinian rights. After ‘The Lobby’ was broadcast, Ofcom received a number of complaints, some of which prompted investi
Re: Al Jazeera ‘vindicated’, as Ofcom rejects all complaints about ‘The Lobby’ Excellent news and great to a see a total rejection of the pathetic, false claims by those mentioned in the Israeli lobby process. Well done Al Jazeera !!
EC ban on cassettes in Rajasthan prompted by complaints from Left
Trump’s Firm Winds Down Some Deals That Prompted Complaints of Conflicts Trump’s Firm Winds Down Some Deals That Prompted Complaints of Conflicts The Trump Organization has begun unwinding some of the deals that have fueled complaints the far-flung business empire is a minefield of conflicts for the incoming president.
'Coronation Street' Grisly Double Murder Scenes Spark Ofcom Complaints In Their Droves The latest dark turn in ‘Coronation Street’ villain Pat Phelan’s storyline has crossed a line in the eyes of many soap fans, with almost 400 complaining to media regulator Ofcom over particularly grisly scenes.
On Ubuntu 16.04, I'm not prompted for a password on startup though I should be, I am prompted for a password after the computer is suspended though
141 complaints in four days
102 complaints resolved in two days: Lokayukta
7 days quiz 7 days quiz: What's this woman entered the record books for?
Civic complaints to be redressed in five days: Corporation
Insurance cos asked to resolve complaints within 14 days
Over 20,000 complaints received on WhatsApp helpline in 30 days
Gas refill supply norm still appears to be 21 days, complaints show
Redress refunds, PAN related complaints within 30 days: CBDT to IT dept The letter also mentioned that over 20,000 grievances of the taxpayers were disposed of since the beginning of this year till November 13
4 days to go for The Hindu Young World quiz
7 days quiz: Which keyboard command does Gates regret introducing? 7 days quiz: It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world over the past seven days?
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11-09 22:13 - 'Not all of these are "kids these days" complaints, though. Aristotle and Horace seem to be talking about all youth, including their younger selves. / Also, *Nowhere to Set Up House* seems to be criticizing the fact that they...' by /u/Yglo
Poor mobile signals: why Ofcom has to act It’s rare for telecoms issues to become political ones. Sure, there will be occasions like the spectrum allocations and the launch of major new services but, outside of these, the telecoms industry exists in a bubble of its own, divorced from important issues of the day – such as porn on a politician’s computer or a royal wedding.But events in the last couple of weeks have changed all that and telecoms now has a prominent place in the national debate...
Ofcom beats off operator challenge on 4G  You win one, you lose one. Ofcom is celebrating after a court ruled in its favour over the regulator’s plans for a UK spectrum auction.  Ofcom had been sued by EE and Three over its plans...
BBC defends diversity figures following Ofcom report The BBC has defended its record on diversity after Ofcom criticised broadcasters for not doing enough.
Ofcom says firms must tell customers real internet speeds Broadband firms must tell their customers the real internet speeds they will get, under new rules laid down by Ofcom. Watchdog says providers are selling services based on maximum speeds.
Ofcom makes it easier to change mobile providers  The days of struggling to switch mobile providers could now be over. Ofcom has announced major changes to the process, meaning that customers will be able to switch between operators simply by sending a text message.The regulator has addressed a problem faced by many phone users (nearly 40% of them) who say they have experienced a major difficulty and seven out of 10 have had at least one issue in switching providers...
Android mcq quiz with radio buttons and timer for entire quiz parsing questions from server as json
Python Quiz: Changing CSV file quiz scores
Does it matter how much complaints you (only you) have given about some player? One player has written to me after the battle, that he has reported me (complaints) with all the max reports number he has for one day. I wasnt banned or anything else. Does it matter if you rerport ...
Can I leave South Africa before my 90 days expire, and return after a few days to stay for another 90 days? How many times can an Australian leave and re-enter South Africa (90 days at a time without a visa) in a year, and do they need to be out of the country for a certain period of time before they re-enter?I want to be in South Africa for as long as I can, however as an Australian without a visa I can only stay for 90 days at a time. What I would like to do is simply leave South Africa and go to another country in Africa for a few days, before returning with a new 90 day allowance. Is this possible, or must I wait a certain period before re-entering South Africa/is there a limit to the amount of times I can do this in one year?
Does listening to complaints damage your neurons? I read this old news today as it's gone viral in Italy: That pain you feel listening to complainers? It's real enough to peel away neurons from your brain and render it pretty much useless, reports ...
How are announcements, complaints, compliments, or apologies always NOT arguments? Source: With Good Reason, An Introduction to Informal Fallacies (6 ed, 2000) by Prof. S. Morris Engel PhD. Here, 'apology' means expression of regret, and not the Ancient Greek meanings [p 10:] As ...
If an apartment lease in Texas is not being renewed due to numerous complaints does the apartment have to give you documented cases of those complaints as they come up? No. They don't need a reason for not renewing the lease.
I need quiz and answers to realestateexpress.com quiz for National Finance to study.?
What are the answers to the alpha and omega academy history quiz 8Th grade quiz 1 thirteen colonies become a free nation?
What is the UK copyright law regarding copying popular tv quiz show formats in a not for profit quiz book eg the hexagons and initials from Blockbusters?
Where do you get the sample quiz paper of green living quiz?
If your period has began every 32 days This month it started out normal you usually cramp and have a heavy flow on days 2 and 3 and last about 7 days but it only lasted 3 days Help?
I had unprtected sex 2 days before my period and I got my piroid 2 days later my periods usually lasts 7 12 days this month it only lasted 3 days could i be pregnant?
You had a copper IUD removed and had sex cpl days later and 4 days later you had a periold came 5 days earlier but it lighter then normal it only last for two days I was wondering could i be preg.?
What is the shelf life of whole collected blood when stored at at 4 degrees C A 206 days B120 days C 55 days D 35 days?
My period usually lasts about 6 days 4 days of heavy bleeding and 2 light days This month it lasted 2 days and it was unusually light. Is it possible that I am pregnant Even though my tubes are tied?
My period is regular and comes evey 26 days But last month it came 4 days late and now this month you it came 3 days early and only bled lightly for 2 days and it was completely gone Can I be prego? nothin its normal only
Who do you go to if you have complaints?
What is inquiry prompted by?
[29-11] What prompted the depression?
What prompted the change?
What is the list of complaints?
Does HR have to investigate complaints?
Do you get complaints on this website? bevakaoofo waali website hai ye answer vanswer kuch milta nahi hai farji ka wastage of time hai ye close this website and make another
Christopher Biggins' removal from the Celebrity Big Brother house sparks Ofcom complaints - Christopher Biggins' removal from the Celebrity Big Brother house for “unacceptable language” sparked 86 complaints to Ofcom. Viewers raised concerns about ...
BART Fare Evasion Crackdown Prompted By Increasing Rider Complaints - It appears public outcry was instrumental in getting Bay Area Rapid Transit to ramp up enforcement efforts against fare cheats. Phil Matier reports.
When I telephoned Nestle Water on their complaints line, it offers 24 hour 7 days service. I was to - Back on Monday. Now when calling their call center they say service 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, when calling on Saturday at 1:42pm. Call hangs up.
12 Complaints: 2006 Volkswagen Passat Fuel System, Gasoline Problems Car Complaints › Volkswagen › - 12 Complaints: 2006 Volkswagen Passat Fuel System, Gasoline Problems Car Complaints › Volkswagen › fuel_syst... The 2006 Volkswagen Passat has 12 ...
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