The moment a BBQ sauce mascot flips the bird at away fans

An Australian BBQ sauce bottle mascot has left fans laughing after flipping them the bird during an A-League match. The Newcastle Jets thrashed the Central Coast Mariners last Saturday.

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[#27|+3299|388] LPT: If someone flips you the bird, they're trying to share their anger with you. You do not have to accept. You can decide to laugh at them and watch them get even more infuriated, which will actually be funny. [/r/LifeProTips]
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Why ‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Are So Angry About Szechuan Sauce
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Fans lined up by the thousands at McDonald's locations around the country on Saturday for a one-day taste of the Szechuan Sauce, but were outraged there were only a few dozen packets.
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The Season 3 finale might be hours away, but an even bigger day is still ahead for Rick & Morty fans. On Oct. 7, for one day only, McDonald's will let all comers sample a bit of that sweet, sweet Szechuan sauce. The Holy Grail of Mickey D's condiments was a punchline way back in April, when Rick & Morty 's Season 3 premiere streamed for just 48 hours , starting on April Fool's Day. SEE ALSO: This is the fanciest McDonald's burger box we've ever seen A few months later when Season 3 kicked off in earnest, McDonald's held a contest
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Rick and Morty fans, McDonald’s is bringing back Szechuan sauce for one day
  • [29-09] Flips it the bird……? OH! Flips it TO Bird! 😏 #GregBird #Yankees #NYY
  • [06-10] #NFL Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging: #Redskins Player Flips Off Fans After Game NFL Chastises fans, What About THIS ?
  • [02-10] Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Probably a bird with the state of things at the moment 😟 #Monarch #Ryanair
  • [01-10] The awkward moment @LSUfootball pays @TroyTrojansFB $985K to lose in a #cupcake game and #Troy flips the script and…
  • [04-10] #Art #print of Cardinal #Bird, watercolor painting of bird, bird illustration, bird poster, watercolour modern art…
  • [15-10] I've seen more butt hurt Cubs fans because of Puig's bat flips than I have because of actually losing the game. Lol #NLCS
  • [21-09] Ya girls know i got the sauce. No Ketchup. Just Sauce. Raw Sauce. #SS11 #AaronHernandez #WhenINeedABreak
  • [05-10] Terrell Pryor can't reliably catch a football & flips out on fans.Gee this was a great acquisition. #Redskins #HTTR
  • [16-10] Shrimp marinated with bird chili, cilantro, mint, lime, fish sauce, shallot, and palm sugar #phuket #thailand #food :
  • [25-09] Chaz Wallace, male model, with Pinehead the penguin, the @linuxacademyCOM mascot. #MSIgnite moment no. 279.
  • [09-10] @IslesWhiteSUV Our unofficial mascot, a promotional SUV, talking about the mascot we jacked from a defunct team in…
  • [08-10] #OleMiss has changed their mascot for the 3rd time in the last 10 years. I'd like to suggest #Mizzou change their mascot to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • [22-10] LOL, looks better than the actual Panthers mascot. Sir Purr looks too friendly tbh.😄 #Broncos have the best mascot…
  • [04-10] @TC_00 Thanks for being a great mascot TC! I'm heartbroken. I'll now use all my woofs for my NL fav mascot…
  • [17-09] Bird, Bird, Bird is the word.....apologies to The Trashmen and The Ramones. #GregBird #Yankees
  • [13-10] THE #LRDP moment to live !!! ... Magique comme du Brassens à la sauce @NicolasDOZE , sans les bacchantes !!!😍😍👏🏼👏🏼 :
  • [18-09] That moment when a bird hits your window... Ever thought God could be playing #AngryBirds with you
  • [21-10] I really hope Warren flips...... I really really hope he flips. #Empire
  • [22-09] That moment when some moron yells "play Free Bird" at a #TomPetty concert 😳😥
  • [15-10] I've seen more butt hurt Cubs fans because of Puig's bat flips than I have because of actually losing the game. Lol #NLCS
  • [16-10] Shrimp marinated with bird chili, cilantro, mint, lime, fish sauce, shallot, and palm sugar #phuket #thailand #food :
The moment a BBQ sauce mascot flips the bird at away fans
An Australian BBQ sauce bottle mascot has left fans laughing after flipping them the bird during an A-League match. The Newcastle Jets thrashed the Central Coast Mariners last Saturday.
* The kind of drunken angry mascot that might give opposing fans a very bad suntan ✨ #Firhill #FlyNowhere...
* SO FLY!! This guy is UP FOR GRABS!! Email me if you're interested in purchasing this mascot. Inkparkco #mascot...
*   The Dragons have moved quickly to secure the services of netminder Graeme Bird. Sunday night saw Bird play a major part in The Dragons win over the Solihull Barons. Bird stopped 35 shots…
Why does Tomato Sauce (ketchup) require refrigeration but Barbecue sauce (like Worcestershire sauce) does not? We have two types of sauce we put on our sausages. Tomato Sauce (Australian - ketchup equivalent) and Barbecue Sauce (Australian - mix of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce). The Tomato sauce indicates ...
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What are the Steam mascot names? [duplicate] I've always been curious. I often see the 3 of those in many different forms throughout the Steam platform, do they have a name or something? Where did they come from? Are they officially Steam's ...
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What type of bird was the bird found in Scotland which put Britain on bird flu alert? Scotland's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirmed that a Swan that was found dead on the South East Coast of Scotland in Cellardyke, Fife on April 5, 2006 tested positive for the Avian (Bird) Flu. That is the last incident in Scotland. In November 2008 the UK became officially free from avian influenza (AI), according to the rules laid down by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). According to the UK's National Health Service website (last update 10/14/09): "Since the H5N1 strain of bird flu emerged, it has been confirmed in birds in many countries,
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A basic sauce consisting of thickned white sauce?
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