Southport Courthouse in lockdown and 100 people evacuated

Southport Courthouse on the Gold Coast was evacuated and placed on lockdown for more than two hours on Friday amid reports a refrigeration device is leaking gas on the top floor.
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Veterans Day Program Set for Nov. 11 at the St. Charles County Historic Courthouse
Southport Courthouse in lockdown and 100 people evacuated
Southport Courthouse on the Gold Coast was evacuated at noon on Friday amid reports a refrigeration device is leaking gas on the top floor..
At Least 3 People Dead in Michigan Courthouse Shooting
At Least 3 People Dead in Michigan Courthouse Shooting Two bailiffs were killed when an inmate grabbed one of the officer’s guns at the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Mich., said Sheriff L. Paul Bailey.
4 people arrested after shooting near Providence courthouse
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Police say four people have been arrested following a shooting near a courthouse in downtown Providence. No one was injured. No one was allowed to enter or leave the Garrahy Judicial Complex for a short time after the Thursday morning incident. The courthouse has since reopened. Witnesses told The Providence Journal […]
[Politics] - 4 people arrested after shooting near Providence courthouse | Miami Herald
Lockdown in Sierra Leone to hit 2.5 million people
nobody gives a shit about dads, we're left to fend for ourselves. i had ZERO help, and had to pay to file every paper, pay for courthouse parking ($15), and couldn't afford a lawyer. the incubator, she had people waiting in line to help her for FREE!!!!!
Six people evacuated
23,000 people likely to be evacuated
Over 3.75 lakh people evacuated
420 people evacuated from Homs
People from 12 villages evacuated
[23-09] The Old Courthouse in #stlouis #missouri @ The Historie Old Courthouse.. St Louis,Mo
[22-09] Wow!! What a great audience tonight at Southport Theatre! With us right from the start! Thank you al! #marcbolan #southport #merseyside
[07-10] Please support our neighbours in Southport with this event next Friday. Raising vital funds to turn Southport red 👍…
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[05-10] #Benghazi Shura Council expresses condolences to #Misrata people over courthouse blast and vows support to #Libya’s war on
[30-09] Some great people campaigning for @SouthportLabour like @scottish49 (MBE) doing Scotland proud in Southport…
[09-10] We just evacuated our home in SoCal, while my parents evacuated theirs in #SantaRosa. #Climatechange is real. And it fucking sucks.
[09-10] St. Francis Catholic School evacuated. Smoke is thick. Prayers to all my fellow SFA families being evacuated.…
[09-10] Whoa. People are being evacuated by helicopter! #NapaFire
[28-09] @HHSGov People are dying and some patients need to be evacuated. #PuertoRico
[27-09] Army work in Katrina. "Within 12 hours, 9,000 people had been evacuated through the airport". Where is the urgency…
[02-10] Police saying there are still 1,200 people inside the Michael Jackson theatre in #LasVegas who need to be evacuated @Manda
[04-10] The Royal Caribbean ship evacuated 3,800 people from Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Croix.
[27-08] Warning over #chemicalhaze on East Sussex coast #UK #BirlingGap evacuated Police tell people to stay indoors
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[05-10] Taking out a loan for a wedding? Sounds like you should just go to the courthouse. #TeenMom2
[05-10] FREE Hamilton exhibit at the federal courthouse in STL, starting Oct 16
[22-08] .@ShaunKing at protest in Bradenton, Manatee Courthouse. Same guys here from #Charlottesville.
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    Southport Courthouse in lockdown and 100 people evacuated
    Southport Courthouse on the Gold Coast was evacuated and placed on lockdown for more than two hours on Friday amid reports a refrigeration device is leaking gas on the top floor.
    * 23 dead, over 300 missing, Some 25,000 people across the county have been evacuated and 40,000 homes are without power....
    * Update:I am okay as of now.My hometown is a scary place to be right now. Many have lost their homes from the fire and evacuated homes are being broken into by looters. The winds are shifting back in the direction of my house tonight and I’m prepping my bags just in case my area needs to be evacuated.It’s literal hell here in town. I’ll post updates as the week continues for those who have been asking and are concerned.
    * Southport Shopping Center was posted For Sale on JUSPOST.COM
    Validity of “a million people had evacuated” I find something wrong with the grammar below from a BBC report. Around a million people had evacuated from vulnerable areas in the south, though many are now heading home. Should it not be a ...
    Was Qo'noS evacuated? In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, the destruction of my namesake Praxis causes an ecological disaster on the Klingon homeworld and paves the way for a serious peace effort between the ...
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    Where is the Friends Of The Southport Historical Society in Southport Maine located?
    How many people died during the Battle of Appomattox Courthouse? During the actual battle, fought on the morning of April 9th, 1865, the Confederates alone suffered at least 100 killed in action. Many are buried in a small cemetery on the battlefield. Total casualties are unknown, since no official reports were submitted, as the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered later that day. The number is probably around 700 for the Confederates and perhaps an equal number for the Federals. The Confederate Army contained no more than 12,000 men in the morning, but 28,000 paroles were given, meaning that 16,000 Confederates returned (presumably from desertion) because
    When people were evacuated during the war what could they take with them?
    Why was people evacuated?
    Where were people evacuated?
    How many people got evacuated in ww2?
    Where were the people of world war 2 evacuated to?
    Why were people evacuated during World War 2?
    In World War 2 were did the people get evacuated?
    When were the people evacuated in world war 2?
    How many people were evacuated in World War 2?
    Why were people evacuated in world war 2?
    In addition, USAID reports that the Philippines military has successfully evacuated injured people out of Tacloban. Además, USAID informa que los militares de Filipinas han logrado evacuar a los damnificados de Tacloban. People living in low-lying areas were evacuated because of the floods. I was in Southport, on the boulevard. Estaba en Southport, en el bulevar. Oldham, Southport and we're checking another in Warrington. Oldham, Southport y estamos analizando otro en Warrington. hence, I suspect, the panic, the lockdown, the capitulation. As illustrated in Odisha and Andra Pradesh, India, where over a million people were evacuated in advance of Cyclone Phailin, the commitment of States and communities to preparedness saves lives. Los casos de Odisha y Andra Pradesh, en la India, donde más de un millón de personas fueron evacuadas antes de la llegada del ciclón Phailin, son un buen ejemplo de que el apoyo de Estados y comunidades a las medidas de preparación puede salvar vidas. When it hits your city, be ready to lockdown your house and banish outside family members, they seem to suggest.
    Lifeboat Memorial, Southport: The Lifeboat Memorial, Southport, occupies a central position in Southport Cemetery, Southport, Merseyside, England. It commemorates the death of 27 lifeboatmen from Southport and St Annes who were lost in the attempt to rescue the crew of the German barque Mexico that had been driven into a sandbank in a gale in 1886.
    Southport railway station: Southport railway station serves the town of Southport, Merseyside, England. The station is the terminal of the Southport branch of the Northern Line of the electric Merseyrail network, and the diesel hauled Manchester-Southport Line.
    Haig Avenue: Haig Avenue, known as Merseyrail Community Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is a football stadium in Blowick, Southport, Merseyside, England, that holds 6,008 people Since being opened in 1905 it has been the home ground of Southport.
    Hampden County Courthouse: Hampden County Courthouse is a historic courthouse on Elm Street in Springfield, Massachusetts designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. This was the county's second courthouse. The first courthouse was built in 1822, but by the 1860s, popular pressure was developing for a new courthouse.
    Southport Spit: The Southport Spit lies opposite of Southport to the north of Main Beach, Gold Coast. It is a permanent sand spit that separates the Southport Broadwater from the Pacific Ocean.
    Southport Tigers: Initially formed as the Southport Football Club the Southport Tigers compete in both the junior and senior Gold Coast Rugby League competitions. The club is based at Owen Park in Southport, Queensland, Australia.
    Southport boats: Southport Boats builds offshore sport fishing boats. Southport Boats is owned by Kenway Corporation based in Augusta, Maine. The Southport Hull was designed by naval architect C. Raymond Hunt and Associates.
    Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square: The Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square is the former courthouse of Denton County located in at the county seat Denton, Texas. The Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square was constructed in 1896. In addition to county offices, the "Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum" also calls it home. The courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Courthouse is also the final resting place of John B. Denton, the county's and city's namesake.
    Boundary County Courthouse: The Boundary County Courthouse is a courthouse building located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The courthouse is the center of government of Boundary County. The Works Progress Administration built the courthouse in 1941 at a cost of $100,000.
    Loving County Courthouse: The Loving County Courthouse is a historic courthouse in Mentone, Texas. The courthouse, the first permanent one in the county, was built in 1935, replacing a temporary courthouse built in 1931.
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