EastEnders: Viewers in uproar at THIS Sharon Mitchell gaffe

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Eastenders: Killer Bobby Beale makes a surprise comeback
Fans were stunned when Bobby Beale made a reappearance in the soap, only to be revealed as under the threat of Max Branning in a shocking twist, despite being locked up for murder.
EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell heading for heartache as he sleeps with the son of his mother’s rapist as actor Harry Reid leaves the soap
BEN Mitchell is heading for heartache with new boyfriend Luke in EastEnders. The mechanic – who is played by actor Harry Reid in the BBC soap – had a one night stand with businessman Luke and it is set to develop into a relationship that is doomed to chaos when it comes out how Luke […]
Stalking: Not just an EastEnders story
As Michelle Fowler's fears grow in the TV soap, we look at real-life experiences of stalking.
EastEnders star says Stacey WILL forgive Carmel
Lauren and Abi Branning to depart EastEnders, BBC confirms
The duo, who play sisters Lauren and Abi Branning, have been staple characters in the BBC One show
How much EastEnders and Coronation Street extras earn
Being an extra is no easy job - so surely they get compensated well?
SPOILER ALERT – What’s wrong with EastEnders’ Arthur?
Stacey, Martin and Kush have been beside themselves with worry since Arthur’s collapse, and the lack of answers from the hospital only makes things worse. When a doctor tells Stacey and Martin what they think the cause was, there is more concern for Arthur – and the world’s most meddling granny, Carmel, can’t help but […]
EastEnders showdown and more Sunday soap gossip
SPOILER ALERT – Will jealous Bex reveal all in EastEnders?
That gas explosion has got a lot to answer for. Apart from all the damage to the Square and loss of life, it was also the catalyst that threw Bex and Gethin together, ending with that ill-advised kiss as she tended to his cuts and bruises. Now things are about to get really complicated as […]
EastEnders theories! 8 ways Lauren and Abi could leave
How will the Branning sisters bow out?
EastEnders fans lose the plot over £6 coffee deal
Eagle-eyed viewers of EastEnders took to Twitter on Friday night to rant about the breakfast deal on offer at Kathy's.
EastEnders' Peggy Dies in Poignant Suicide Scene
The popular U.K. soap aired emotional scenes tackling suicide.
[01-10] #Countryfile viewers in UPROAR after weatherman does THIS: 'He's taking the p**s':
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[30-09] Ben Mitchell - Wise beyond his years...🤔 #WednesdayWisdom #eastenders
[05-10] @bbcapprentice What's Ben Mitchell from #Eastenders doing on 2017 #bbc #theapprentice
[05-10] Lord Alan Sugar fires the WRONG person, sending #TheApprentice viewers into uproar!
[05-10] So now we know why Ben Mitchell left #EastEnders ... hes now called Andrew #TheApprentice
[09-10] #Countryfile viewers in UPROAR after #weatherman shocks by wearing CASUAL clothes! There is something very wrong with people who complained
[20-10] #EastEnders and #Corrie viewers couldn't get over this!
[17-09] #XFactor viewers left in hysterics over Nicole Scherzinger's VERY x-rated gaffe
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[21-10] EastEnders spoilers: Jane delivers brutal blow to Ian as viewers ... -
[27-09] #StrictlyComeDancing 2017: Viewers baffled as #ItTakesTwo make HUGE Davood Ghadami gaffe #Strictly…
[30-09] @Commercial_CFC @ChesterfieldFC Shit today, what a joke. Mitchell should get a job on eastenders. #peggy #phil #grant
[02-10] If Sharon sent Grace home then #XFactor's viewers are going to drop even more.. by far the best this series 💀
[09-10] #XFactor X Factor 2017: Viewers SWITCH OFF over brutal Six Chair Challenge as Sharon Osbourne breaks down as…
[30-09] #eastenders @bbceastenders Enjoying the stories, twists? Pace of eps improved. Proper story telling. That's eastenders. Watch out #corrie
[10-10] #UKintheUSA #XFactor2017 Sharon has gone crazy Kelsey should have been in that six chair replacing who was in it. Sharon you SUCK
[13-10] ALERT: Sharon Rd. south of Sharon Ln.Wreck starting to cause delays #cltraffic #clttraffic #clt
  • [18-10] #TheChase viewers in UPROAR over player's outrageous mistake: ‘Don’t embarrass yourself' #gangofchase…
    EastEnders: Viewers in uproar at THIS Sharon Mitchell gaffe
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    In Eastenders sometime in 2010 or 2011 could they bring back Nick Cotton and also Grant Mitchell and Sharon Watts also Martin and Sonia and the stalker Sarah Cairns Played by Alison Pargeter?
    How many viewers did the live episode of Eastenders get?
    Who killed Jamie Mitchell in 'EastEnders'?
    Who plays grant Mitchell in eastenders?
    Who hated Archie the most mitchell in eastenders?
    When did Roxy mitchell join eastenders?
    What model is Phil Mitchell's mobile phone in eastenders?
    Where can you buy the silver and pink dress Roxy Mitchell is wearing on Eastenders tonight?
    How did Alexander gardner use the camera to lie hint look for a harvest of death what did he want viewers to think about confederate soldiers what did he want viewers to think about uni?
    How did Alexander gardner use the camera to lie hint look for a harvest of death what did he want viewers to think about confederate soldiers what did he want viewers to think about union?
    Where is the New Sharon Area Historical Society in New Sharon Iowa located?
    Where is the New Sharon Historical Society in New Sharon Maine located?
    Totals for 2001 and 2002 exclude Gaffé legacy. En los totales para 2001 y 2002 se excluye el legado Gaffé. They startle viewers, rouse viewers, occasionally put off and occasionally turn on viewers. PHOTOS: The Life of Ariel Sharon Sharon almost made it a strategy in life to avoid the trap of consistency. Did you remember to set the video for ‘EastEnders’? He'll be played by Grahame Fox, a journeyman welsh actor who's appeared on the U.K. soap EastEnders and the TV series Casualty. Maybe that was a gaffe, maybe a much-deserved rap on the Egyptian knuckles. “I may not have been the clearest in my statements, obviously,” she said of her “busy” gaffe. It's not an insult to farmers (though could be construed as one to Grassley); it's just a gaffe.
    Janet Mitchell: Janet Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by child actor Grace, who has Down's syndrome. It was reported on 22 July 2006 that a character with Down's syndrome would be introduced to EastEnders. The newborn daughter of established characters Billy and Honey Mitchell, the baby was to be named Janet.
    Archie Mitchell: Archibald Lionel "Archie" Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Larry Lamb. The character of Archie is the father of already established characters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, and a member of the Mitchell family, who have appeared in the soap since 1990.
    Lola Pearce: Lola Pearce is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Danielle Harold. She is introduced as the granddaughter of Billy Mitchell and Julie Perkins, and an extension to the already established Mitchell family.
    Sam Mitchell: Samantha Margaret Priscilla "Sam" Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders. The third member of the Mitchell family to be introduced, Sam enters as a 15-year-old school girl in July 1990, played by Danniella Westbrook.
    HMS Uproar: HMS Uproar was a Royal Navy U-class submarine built by Vickers-Armstrong at Barrow-in-Furness. So far she has been the only ship of the Royal Navy to bear the name Uproar.
    Kate Mitchell: Kate Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Jill Halfpenny.
    Mercy Olubunmi: Mercy Chubb is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders and its Internet spin-off EastEnders: E20, played by Bunmi Mojekwu. Mercy is one of four main characters in EastEnders: E20, alongside Zsa Zsa Carter, Leon Small and Fatboy. She was the only character from the spin-off not to be automatically transitioned into EastEnders.
    Little Mo Mitchell: Maureen "Little Mo" Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Kacey Ainsworth from 18 September 2000 to 26 May 2006.
    Megan Jossa: Megan Carmel Hollie Jossa is an English teen actress best known for playing Courtney Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.
    Nana Moon: Victoria Alice Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Hilda Braid. She was more commonly known in the serial and to viewers as Nana Moon.
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