Unsafe' health trust back in special measures

The Norfolk and Suffolk trust is the only NHS mental health trust to be put in special measures.

Top GOP senators push Trump to back health care bill
A pair of top Republican senators said Thursday they had pressed President Trump to get on board with a bipartisan deal to stabilize health insurance markets. Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who cut the deal with Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, made an urgent plea to the president...
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[Health] - WHO reports 25 million unsafe abortions a year, sees higher risk from U.S. cutbacks | REUTERS
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Nursing home in special measures
A nursing home has been placed into special measures after being classed as ‘inadequate’ across the board.
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  • [15-10] 2/2 Event is with Dogs Trust and Thirteen. Free basic health checks for dogs and health and training advice availab…
  • [20-10] This half term, working in special measures, has been the toughest part of my short teaching career so far 1/2 #PrimaryRocks #Ofsted
Unsafe' health trust back in special measures
The Norfolk and Suffolk trust is the only NHS mental health trust to be put in special measures.
* Barts cleaners strike against SERCO for a fair pay riseRachel Eborall, a Mental Health worker at Mile End Hospital, and ex SERCO employee, writes in solidarity with the striking cleaning workers at Barts NHS trust. Striking cleaners demonstrating outside SERCO shareholders meeting (Photo: Rachel Eborall) In April 2017 SERCO, one of the largest multinationals, took over the cleaning contract of Barts NHS trust. Barts NHS trust is made up of St…View On WordPress
* Health Secretary praises Trust’s ‘exceptional improvement’
* Special dinner, at our private estate, for the most special group of clients and new friends. You will all be welcome back...
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What specific quality of life factors need to be addressed when creating a special needs trust? We are in the process of creating a special needs trust for my daughter. One of the many things we need to think about are the quality of life factors as she gets older and of course as we get older. ...
Can 1099s from a special needs trust be entered directly on the beneficiary's personal income tax return? I'm the trustee for my brother's new special needs trust (first time filing taxes with it around), which has its own TIN. Different materials online suggest a K-1 may or may not be necessary. This ...
we take safety measures, do we also 'take' control measures? Someone provided me with a PowerPoint presentation and instructed me to convert it into a word document with sentences rather than point form notes. Here is what the PowerPoint slide said: "Control ...
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How does the US compare in the mortality morbidity and other health measures that the World Health Organization collects? The U.S. generally ranks very well on an absolute scale, but poorly on an outcomes-per-dollar basis. For example, in the WHO ranking of national health systems in 2000, the U.S. ranked 37th, despite (or because of) the US's rank of #1 in health care spending per capita.
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