Where are all the women in economics?

Just 13% of US academic economists are women - and only one has won the Nobel Prize in economics. Why are women so under-represented in the profession? 12-10-17
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Where are all the women in economics?
Just 13% of US academic economists are women - and only one has won the Nobel Prize in economics. Why are women so under-represented in the profession?
College Application: What's the difference between Business Economics, Economics and, Economics - Mathematical Economics and Economic Theory?
In fact, economics is to support politics. Economics will gather the facts called positive economics and provide choices for policy alternatives. Politics will make the decision.
Politics is about making and implementing policy. And most policies address some aspect of economics. Or at the very least impact some aspect of economics indirectly if not directly. I take exception to your teacher's statements if you've correctly paraphrased her. One is not the other. But policies affect economics and economics affect what policies will be passed. They affect each other, but they are not each other, they are not equivalent.
In my economics class, my teacher tells us that politics is economics and economics is politics. I don't really understand what this means.?
As a professor who s taught economics, along with many other subjects from A to Z, my feeling is that your professor was making the point that politics involves economics and economics involves politics. In other words, politicians at every level will rely upon economic data to make policy decisions. And economic analysis used by non-politicians takes politics into consideration. So I think he or she was attempting to show the connection between politics and economics. So we have politicians who use economics to help craft and debate policies. And we have those outside the world of politics using economics and taking the political climate into account. Thus, there is a connection between the worlds of economics and politics. Just like economics has connections to accounting, management, and other areas. And example to illustrate the connection and/or better phrasing would have made the point clearer. For instance, the economy is in a recession and politicians are debating what the best course of action to get out of it would be. They would be using economics to gather data on the recession and using economics to evaluate how this or that strategy would impact things. So one politician or party may lean towards cutting taxes. Another might think increasing spending is the best way to go. Businesses would be looking at the economic impact of politicians going one way vs the other. And making strategic decisions based upon their economic analysis. So both sides, politicians and outsiders like businesses, use economics. Let s say it s election time and you re the incumbent with a lousy economy. Your opponent may decide to use that bad economy against you in order to unseat you. So your opponent can seize upon the bad economy as a means to improve his or her standing in the pools. We ve seen situations like this play out many times in history! Once again, we see a connection between politics and economics. In fact, there s a whole area of study called political economics that specializes in these kinds of scenarios and circumstances,.
Certainly - and the various reasons given by others all come from women having less short term motivation to date than men. If men were generally less immediately motivated, if women were more immediately motivated, things would probably be VERY different. As it stands, women risk more when dating (both in terms of unintended pregnancies and sexual assault/rape), so they are choosier, more introspective, and less "date everybody and see what works out". Basic economics: When one side is less motivated than the other, it puts the other at a bargaining disadvantage.
Despite Rising Profile in Economics, Women Still Trail Men in Academia Despite Rising Profile in Economics, Women Still Trail Men in Academia With Janet Yellen about to become the first female chief of the Federal Reserve, it looks like a golden era for women economists has finally arrived. But the high-profile gains contrast with college economics departments, where women remain a minority at every level of the profession.
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Dani Rodrik: The fatal flaw of neoliberalism: it's bad economics. "Neoliberalism and its usual prescriptions – always more markets, always less government – are in fact a perversion of mainstream economics.
Keynesian Economics vs. Regular Economics Robert Barro: Keynesian Economics vs. Regular Economics Food stamps and other transfers aren't necessarily bad ideas, but there's no evidence they spur growth.
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Pay: It Isn't Economics Pay: It Isn't Economics The larger issue is: Do higher minimum wages create more votes? The president and his pals probably, privately, concede the point of the article. This is all about politics, not economics.
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find the probability of selecting exactly two women and at least two women when a six-person committee is selected from $7$ men and $4$ women? A committee of six members is formed from a group of $7$ men and $4$ women. What is the probability that the committee contains a. exactly two women? b. at least two women? My attempt : given $P(A) = 7/11$ and $P(B) = 4/11$ option a) probability that the commitee contains exactly two women $$= \frac{P(AB)}{P(B)} = \frac{P(A)P(B)}{P(B)} = \frac{\frac{7}{11} \cdot \frac{4}{11}}{\frac{4}{11}} = \frac{7}{11}$$ option b)the probability that the committee contains at least two women = $$\frac{P(AB)}{P(A \cup B)} = \frac{\frac{7}{11} \cdot \frac{4}{11}}{1- \frac{7}{11} \cdot \frac{4}{11}} = \frac{28}{93}$$ If my answer is correct or not, I would be more thankful to those rectifying my mistakes......
Determining the distribution of women in an unknown random sample from a population size of n women and m men
Correct logic of permuting 5 men and 5 women to find probability of different highest women rank The problem reads like this: Problem Five men and $5$ women are ranked according to their scores on an examination. Assume that no two scores are alike and all $10!$ possible rankings are equally likely. Let $X$ denote the highest ranking achieved by a woman. (For instance, $X = 1$ if the top-ranked person is female.) Find $P(X = i),i = 1, 2, 3, . . ., 8, 9, 10$. Solution given was: $P(X=1)= \frac{5}{10}= \frac{1}{2}$ because there are 5 women and total of 10 to choose from $P(X=2)=\frac{5}{10}\times \frac{5}{9}=\frac{5}{18}$ because for rank1 thereare 5 men and total of 10 to choose from, for rank 2 (we want awoman) we still have 5 women but only a total of 9 to choosefrom. $P(X=3)=\frac{5}{10}\times \frac{4}{9}\times \frac{5}{8}=\frac{5}{36}$ $P(X=4)=\frac{5}{10}\times \frac{4}{9}\times \frac{3}{8}\times \frac{5}{7}=\frac{10}{168}$ $P(X=5)=\frac{5}{10}\times \frac{4}{9}\times \frac{3}{8}\times \frac{2}{7}\times \frac{5}{6}=\frac{5}{252}$ $P(X=6)=\frac{5}{10}\times \frac{4}{9}\times \frac{3}{8}\times \frac{2}{7}\times \frac{1}{6}\times \frac{5}{5}=\frac{1}{252}$ My solution was $P(X=1)=\frac{5\times 9!}{10!}=\frac{1}{2}$ because there are five women to occupy 1st rank and then there remained 9 which can permute in $9!$ ways. There are total $10!$ ways to permute $10$ people $P(X=2)=\frac{5\times \binom{5}{4}\times 8!}{10!}=\frac{5}{18}$ because there are five women to occupy 2st rank. The 1st rank will be of a man. So we have to select $4$ out of $5$ men which will be ranked after $2$nd rank. These four men and remaining 4 women can be permuted in $8!$ ways. $P(X=3)=\frac{5\times \binom{5}{3}\times 7!}{10!}=\frac{5}{72}$ $P(X=4)=\frac{5\times \binom{5}{2}\times 6!}{10!}=\frac{5}{504}$ $P(X=5)=\frac{5\times \binom{5}{1}\times 5!}{10!}=\frac{5}{6048}$ $P(X=6)=\frac{5\times \binom{5}{0}\times 4!}{10!}=\frac{1}{30240}$ Doubts Where my logic went wrong? When I compared the two approach, I realized that the books solution is permuting ranks higher than the highest ranked girl, while my solution is permuting ranks lower than the highest ranked girl. So I was guessing what makes book solution not permute lower ranks and my solution not permuting higher ranks. Shouldn't we permute on both sides of highest ranked girl?
If staring at women is such a big aveira how come rabbis are permitted to give shiurim to women? There are many great rabbis that I know who also give classes to women. Every where else I see that guarding your eyes is of crucial importance, but how are rabbis who look directly at women for long ...
Guy who dates/hooks up with a lot of women, divided into parts by the women's names, was on Netflix around 2016-2017 It was on Netflix a while ago and I couldn't find it on there. Set in the US, there is this good looking but creepy player type guy who is always going out and is smoking and on his phone, he hooks up ...
Sample thesis on women and economics? Gilman argues that women's dependence on men for their livelihood results in a state of arrested intellectual and emotional development harmful to both genders.
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You commit to one women you get bored you jump from women to women you get happy shame guilt and hurt pride you stay away from women then you crave women What should you do for pure complete happines?
If I commit to one women I get bored If I jump from women to women I get happy shame guilt and hurt pride If I stay away from women then I crave women What should I do for pure complete happines?
If I commit to one women I get bored If I jump from women to women I get happines shame guilt and hurt pride If I stay away from women then I crave women What should I do for pure complete happines?
Why do women stick up for other women or defend other women who are complete strangers when the women they stick up for could be their rivals or enemies?
Repblicans 17 men 14 women Democrats 15 men 20 women independents 18 men 16 women What is the probability that a randomly selected person in the town is a Republican or a Democrat?
According to a lot of women I'm very beautiful but I have the feeling not a lot of women want me because I have a babyface So do women like babyfaces a little bit Ronaldo like or just find it cute?
In rural areas women are overburdened with care roles and agricultural work Explain how HIVAIDS in the family has increased the burden on women and how women have coped?
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Art and economics?
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What is art and economics?
Is it fair that Tiger Woods has two children with European women because he is able to obtain a more favorable child custody agreement with a European women than with a North American women?
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