Review: Bruce Springsteen's 'exuberant and intimate' Broadway debut

The singer starts a 16-week engagement in New York with an 'exuberant and intimate' show.

Bruce Springsteen at the Wembley Stadium, 1985 (photo credit: Neal Preston)
Bruce Springsteen: Intimate White House Gig Inspired New Broadway Run
Bruce Springsteen has revealed that his intimate White House performance for Obama staffers inspired his upcoming Broadway residency.
Bruce Springsteen extends Broadway shows into February
The Boss plans to stick around on Broadway — before he even gets started on Broadway.
Bruce Springsteen Opens Broadway Run With Tom Petty Dedication
Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, His Next Album, and Loving New Jersey
Bruce Springsteen is a totally new thing for Broadway. Will it change because of him?
Bruce Springsteen Show to Open on Broadway in October
Springsteen Show to Open on Broadway in October Bruce Springsteen will make his Broadway debut in October with “Springsteen on Broadway,” a solo production that the rocker promised will be “as personal and as intimate as possible.”
Bruce Springsteen, Amy Schumer, SpongeBob are Broadway fall stars
A vibrant and star-studded lineup of shows accompany New York's fall colors.
Bruce Willis to make Broadway debut
My short review of Springsteen on Broadway
Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days
Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days A retrospective of images of Bruce Springsteen in the late 1970s and early ’80s goes on view at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo on Friday.
Bruce Springsteen, Impresario of His Own Image
Culture Bruce Springsteen, Impresario of His Own Image An exhibit of 1970s and ’80s photos, opening Friday at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo, shows the Boss as he wanted fans to see him.
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Review: Bruce Springsteen's 'exuberant and intimate' Broadway debut
The singer starts a 16-week engagement in New York with an 'exuberant and intimate' show.
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What impact did Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA have? In teh song "Born in the USA" Bruce Springsteen talks about the impact the war had and the horrors people faced in the war and back at home fore example " I had a brother at Khe Sanh Fighting of the Viet Kong They're still there, he's all gone, He had a woman he loved in Saigon I got a picture of him in her arms now"
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