Why is this Indian giving $200m to Florida?

Kiran Patel's gift to a Florida university is a new high in philanthropy by Indian-Americans. 12-10-17
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  • [14-10] Why is this Indian giving $200m to Florida? How Inspiring! Does anyone know Dr Patel? @iDrSunny @ChrisBorn1 #Indians
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  • [02-10] Florida's Attorney General doesn't want O.J. Simpson to live there. Which tells me Florida's AG knows nothing about Florida's people.
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  • [21-09] Mentoring is a great way of giving back. - Gordon Tredgold #Leadership #Florida #Business
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  • [07-12] Loyola-Chicago giving Florida all they can handle. #BoiseState defeated Loyola by 30+ earlier this year.
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Why is this Indian giving $200m to Florida?
Kiran Patel's gift to a Florida university is a new high in philanthropy by Indian-Americans.
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I went to Red Chillies on Union St (Glasgow) - had a great Rogan Josh there and it was a bit different from your normal indian restaurant as the food is tapas (but with a twist as it's Indian not Spanish!) There's a site called Gekko which I've started using which is quite useful in giving recommendations for places to eat if you need some more inspiration.
No, such conduct is how they "made America great." As the Civil War general and later Indian fighter, Philip Sheridan, said, the only good Indian is a dead Indian.
Since the baby will be raised in the US, I'd suggest giving it an 'English' first name and an 'Indian' middle name, so it can have the best of both worlds.
Is Indian food in Singapore popular among non-Indians? Maybe it was just my experience, but at hawker centres I ate at in Singapore, I noticed that the lines for stalls serving Indian food appeared to have mostly Indian/South Asian people. Is this generally the case, with Chinese and Malay Singaporeans avoiding Indian food?
Probably they are fleeing to Florida because the power and water have been restored there. I wonder why Texas and Florida have been getting more attention from FEMA than Puerto Rico. Ask yourself if you would stay in Florida without heat, light and plumbing rather than move up to Georgia or the Carolinas. Why expect your fellow Americans to be any different?
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Many Indian-Americans Stay Put In Florida Despite Evacuation Warnings A large number of Indian-Americans in Florida have decided to stay back despite US officials calling for a mandatory evacuation ahead of hurricane Irma's landfall on the coastal parts of the state.
Indian man's parents fly to Florida to beat son's wife for being 'disobedient,' police say
For Florida Indian Tribes, Everglades Bike Path a Threat Some fear oil and gas interests would use the proposed development to gain access to the area.
Indian-Americans Brace For Hurricane Irma As It Hits Florida Millions of people, including thousands of Indian-Americans, in Florida braced for "life- threatening" Hurricane Irma which hit the state's southern islands today as a category four storm after...
Florida Police Arrest Indian Family For Beating Woman, Keeping Her Hostage The parents of a 33-year-old man flew from India to Florida in order to help him beat his wife for being disobedient. They also held the woman and her one-year-old child captive at their residence.
Florida varsity students get a glimpse of Indian culture and tradition at Alagappa university
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Is it possible as a non-Indian citizen to create an Indian bank account (denominated in rupees) that can exchange & repatriate its funds? I'm not of Indian origin or nationality and I do not live/work in India, but I would like to open an account in India into which I can deposit funds and repatriate them if need be. Looking into it, I'...
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Who gave the slogan be proud that you are an Indian proudly claim i am an Indian every Indian is my brother?
If one of the spouse is Romanian citizen the other is Indian citizen got married in Miami Florida. Can they file for divorce in US while being non-US rezidents?
I am an Australian and Indian citizenMy wife is Indian citizen and PR of Australia Currently We live in Aus We will have first baby in Aus soon I would like to how can baby get Indian citizenship? Normally the children of the citizen of a country will have the nationality of the parents, no mater where they are born, so your child will most likely also have dual citizenship like yourself. The best thing to do under these circumstances is contact the Indian embassy and explain your question to them ,Thats what they are there for
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What does it mean when your power steering works fine when you're giving it gas but not when you're not giving it gas?
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