Daytime television will show a woman’s nipple for the first time — in hope of promoting breast cancer awareness

A woman’s nipple will be shown for the first time on daytime telly next week – as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. The charity CoppaFeel! has been given the go-ahead to show a naked breast being inspected by hand for possible signs of cancer. It follows research showing 80 per cent of young […] 13-10-17
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  • [13-12] @JOSHMBB19 Yes, please do tell them all to come to support Breast Cancer! Sign up here:
  • [12-12] Proud sponsors of Breast Cancer Haven, #WestMidlands Therapy Room
Daytime television will show a woman’s nipple for the first time — in hope of promoting breast cancer awareness
A woman’s nipple will be shown for the first time on daytime telly next week – as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. The charity CoppaFeel! has been given the go-ahead to show a naked breast being inspected by hand for possible signs of cancer. It follows research showing 80 per cent of young […]
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Women usually don't do that, dude. They might say they would on here, to look nice, sort of how everybody likes to say they support breast cancer awareness. But notice in real life it's very few people actually paying hundreds to breast cancer when nobody is looking? When an ugly guy hits on a hot girl she'll reject him when nobody is looking- and when people are looking, she'll blame it on his personality somehow or call him "creepy". It's just their excuse to not date an ugly guy. Stop looking for weird exceptions for hot girls to like an ugly guy, it's super rare and you'll just waste your time and money
My left breast nipple is very sore to the touch and is red around the nipple. my nipple also feels hard. im only 13.?
13 years old, lump in nipple.. is it breast cancer?
I wasn't very surprised that I had cancer, for some reason for 2 weeks before I was diagnosed, I began getting strange emails in my inbox "Breast cancer, know the signs", "New developments in breast cancer treatment" "Breast Cancer, what you need to know." etc. I kept deleting them because I had just gone for my mammogram and was scheduled for an ultrasound and a re-take, and then finally a biopsy. So when the doctor called me and told me to come in for my results. I will say I already knew I had cancer...I tried to remain positive, upbeat, one-day at a time, etc. I am now 8 years out of my treatment....was diagnosed at a stage 1, no lymph node involvement, with 6 weeks of radiation. My father had stage 3 breast cancer, but apparently mine wasn't genetic.
There is no one "cure" for cancer because cancer is not one thing. It is a term used to describe over 200 individual diseases with common characteristics. So leukemia is a totally different disease than breast cancer, which is totally different from lung cancer, and so on and so on. Even with breast cancer, it is actually several completely different diseases that just happen to manifest in breast tissue. All that said, most people who are treated for cancer go into permanent or long term remission. But cancer is a disease of aging, and we are getting better and better and curing or preventing other deaths. We all are going to die from something. If we were to be able to cure cancer tomorrow, 100%, then in 5 years everyone would be asking why so many people are dying from strokes.
@TheWeek: It's time to get rid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, says @MCCarroll:
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Does the television series Stargate SG-1 show any evidence of Cameron's time travel affecting the original timeline? This question contains spoilers about the end of the movie Stargate Continuum. I'm not putting this in spoiler code because this movie is over three years old. At the end of Stargate Continum Cameron ...
Can eating the right foods avoid BRCA1 breast cancer? NaturalNews.com has an article entitled How Angelina Jolie was duped by cancer doctors into self mutilation for breast cancer she never had (emphasis in original) But the really sad part about all ...
Is routine screening for breast cancer for asymptomatic women worthwhile? Relatively recently, the United States Preventive Services Task Force made a small change in what its recommendations for routine mammograms, suggesting that they should not be performed on asymptotic ...
Is it possible breast cancer if I'm only thirteen there is a lump right beside my nipple it is not visible but it hurts a lot and you an feel the bump is it possibly breast cancer if I'm only thirteen?
I have pain in my right breast and a lump right under the nipple along with discharge that is yellow in colour im 14 could i have breast cancer?
Is a tender breast lump and nipple leakage a sign of breast cancer?
I am 14 and I have a hard lump or something at the top of my breast a little to the right of my nipple. It hurts but it is tolerable. Is it breast cancer If not what?
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