NZ woman reveals how she transitioned from a man at 18

A young New Zealand woman has revealed how it took her 18 years to realise she 'didn't have to be a boy anymore' and could finally make the transition to feel right in her own skin. 13-10-17
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NZ woman reveals how she transitioned from a man at 18
A young New Zealand woman has revealed how it took her 18 years to realise she 'didn't have to be a boy anymore' and could finally make the transition to feel right in her own skin.
Obviously not. I transitioned when God told me to.
Is transitioning easier today than it was when I transitioned?
A man female by birth but transitioned to male.
She should be transitioned into her own room, not just thrown in there cold turkey.
Has there ever been any societies that transitioned from a capitalist democracy to a communist society?
not at all. im a trans guy but before i transitioned i wore boxers and nobody cared even when changing for pe
What would you do if your boyfriend/husband transitioned into a woman?
Is Marci really just Tom transitioned?
Do you think I would get any dates if I transitioned?
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