NJ man claims jackpot prize 2 days before ticket expired

A man from East Orange, New Jersey nearly missed out on a life-changing winning lottery ticket - and has the evening news to thank for the last minute reminder.

So got my first ticket? Registration had expired, unsure of what to do.
A single Powerball ticket just won the largest jackpot prize ever in US history
Lotto jackpot hits £5.2MILLION after nobody claims Wednesday jackpot
Set of balls seven and draw machine Lancelot were used
Lottery ticket wins Dh2.7 billion jackpot
The largest grand prize won by a single lottery ticket in US history
Single ticket scoops US$758.7 million US jackpot
Powerball said it was "the highest jackpot won on a single ticket and the biggest lottery prize ever awarded to one single person."
This grandfather found his $24 million lottery ticket just before it expired
Three-ticket winning streak leads to $10,000 lottery jackpot
A Delaware woman said a seemingly average Sunday turned into a lottery winning streak that ended with a $10,000 jackpot.
Jackpot! $758-million Powerball ticket sold in Massachusetts
Californians hoping to pocket Wednesday’s $758.7-million Powerball jackpot prize are out of luck. One jackpot-winning ticket was sold in the U.S. — to a player in Massachusetts. “We didn’t get a jackpot in California,” said Cathy Johnston, spokeswoman for the California Lottery. Three tickets...
Mega Millions now $2 a ticket at 1:302 million jackpot odds
Woman wins $50,000 Powerball prize 10 years after $250K jackpot
A Maryland woman is celebrating her $50,000 Powerball prize -- 10 years after she won a $250,000 lottery jackpot.
No winning ticket for Saturday night's $7 million Lotto 649 jackpot
TORONTO - There is no winning ticket for the $7 million jackpot in Saturday night's Lotto 649 draw.However, the guaranteed $1 million prize was claimed by a ticket sold in Ontario.
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  • [17-10] Golden Gamble winner Michelle Tiffin claims her £685 prize from Mark Little after the match!Well Done Michelle.…
NJ man claims jackpot prize 2 days before ticket expired
A man from East Orange, New Jersey nearly missed out on a life-changing winning lottery ticket - and has the evening news to thank for the last minute reminder.
* One lucky person in the UK is as rich as Gareth Bale or Ed Sheeran – but they don’t yet know it. Last week’s EuroMillions jackpot – worth almost £52m – remains unclaimed seven days after the draw. The National Lottery is urging anyone who entered the draw to check their tickets for that night’s winning numbers – 5, 9, 29, 31, 41 and Lucky Stars 2 and 4. The winner will pocket a cool £51,702,049, putting them in the same wealth bracket as Real Madrid forward Bale, who is worth £52m according to the Sunday Times Rich List, and pop megastar Ed Sheeran, whose fortune is estimated at £54m. It continues a rich vein of luck for British gamblers, being the fourth UK ticket to hit the EuroMillions jackpot this year. In June another player won £87m, while in February two ticket-holders split a prize worth nearly £40m. The week after that a UK winner collected £14m. One of Europe’s biggest ever prizes went to Chris and Colin Weir in Ayrshire, who scooped £161m in 2011. It is not quite panic stations for the latest winner yet, as the holder has 173 days to claim the prize before the money goes to good causes. National Lottery organiser Camelot says tens of millions of pounds go unclaimed each year due to lost tickets bought in shops. Source link £52m lottery prize unclaimed by UK ticket holder a week after draw was originally published on News London
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Can a non-citizen claim a US lottery prize on a ticket purchased through a third party? I used a lottery concierge service to buy a US lottery ticket online. I am not a US citizen. In the unlikely event of my winning, can I claim the prize if I come to the US and have the ticket with ...
Mousse de Canard, Mousse de Foie, Terrine de Campagne, expired by around 10 days I have here, Terrine de Campagne and Mousse de Canard with Expiry of Mar 16, this year. Mousse de Foie expired Mar 22. So all are expired and their packages have ballooned up. I'm wondering if they ...
Is it grammatical to say “I saw her dropping the ticket” as opposed to “I saw her drop the ticket”? [duplicate] What is the difference between using the past tense and the present participle, since both sentences indicate the speaker witnessed the action of the ticket being dropped?
How do I change a receipt for a train ticket in Ukraine into the actual ticket? I bought a train ticket from Chop to L'viv online. So I've printed out the receipt (БЛАНК ЗАМОВЛЕННЯ). It says on it, that I will need to swap it for the actual ticket at some pay desk (каса) on Ukrainian soil. The problem is that my train is at 11pm and I arrive from Hungary. Will there be an open каса at this time or some automatic machine to print out my ticket, or is there some other solution?
Does a same-day return ticket count as a "through ticket to some other country"? I'm soon going to Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique and am considering doing a day trip from Guadeloupe to Montserrat by ferry. I do not plan on bringing my passport, as my (Swedish) ID card is valid for Guad+Dom+Mart (Guad+Mart obviously, Dom too according to their head of immigration, whom I asked via e-mail) Montserrat remains the question, as I haven't been able to find a proper e-mail address to send a message to. Reading through the Montserrat immigration act, it says you do not need a passport if being a passenger "in transit by sea or air who does not intend to remain in Montserrat for more than fourteen days provided they are in possession of through tickets to some other destination" It's on page 71 of this document http://agc.gov.ms/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/13.01-Immigration-Act.pdf My question is: would a same-day return ticket to Guadeloupe be acceptable for this purpose?
Does Jackpot actually work? In Dead Island, the character Purna has a Survival skill called Jackpot (just before the bottom) which "increases your chance to find rare items among loot." I was wondering how effective this is, ...
Your business insurance expired you need to get new what can you do had no claims pending just let expired now i need new?
How many people have won the lottery jackpot with a lucky dip ticket? me lol
Should Claims about single individuals should be treated as an Equivalent claims a Negative claims a Affirmative claims or none of the them?
How much is ticket for expired tags in nc?
How much is an expired tag ticket in Virginia?
How much is an expired tag ticket in Alabama? $130 in mobile, dont know if its the same statewide, call your local courthouse and listen to the automated message, it goes down the list of fines and fee's
How much is an expired tag ticket in Arkansas?
The car you were driving had an expired tag but it was someone else's car can you get a ticket?
How much is an expired tag ticket in Louisiana?
How much does a ticket for expired inspection cost in NY?
Can you get a ticket for expired an registration on a parked car?
Expired registration ticket california?
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