You can now pay £800 to have your ashes scattered in space

Forget having your ashes thrown off a cliff or made into a ring

I mixed my fathers ashes with plaster of Paris and then made a Micky mouse figure out of him in a plastic mold. He now stands on my cabinet.?
Where can I find an open space to drive in Birmingham?
Immigration in the UK is a problem because of space and resources, not race?
Bodies of migrants scattered on coast of Khoms city: Libyan official
Peter Sutcliffe 'wants ashes scattered in Yorkshire
His wish has outraged the son of one of his victims who has said there is 'no way he's coming back to Yorkshire'.
Space Funeral Startup to Launch Ashes Into Orbit
Elysium Space already has 100 customers for its maiden launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
Space Wrangler - Space Wrangler is a dynamic space sandbox featuring multiple experiences designed to offer variety in gameplay. Experience the wonders and turmoil of Space as you traverse the cosmos as part of a new generation of explorers, frontiersmen
TIL that there have been dinosaurs in space. Bones from a baby Maiasaura were sent into space by NASA in 1985 and later in 1998, a Coelophysis skull was a passenger on board a shuttle to the Mir space station.
Scattered rain likely
The Ashes needs Stokes more than he needs the Ashes
Scattered rain likely in Chennai
Scattered rain likely in Namakkal
Scattered rainfall forecast
Scattered rainfall expected
Scattered rain for two more days
  • [10-10] You Can Now Send Your #Ashes To Be Scattered In #Space As #British Company Launches Space Funerals via @IFLScience:
  • [24-09] Ashes scattered in space? Declined offer!? #dragonsden
  • [24-09] Who the hell would want their ashes scattered in space?! Would be like emptying a car ashtray on the M25 #DragonsDen
  • [24-09] Watched #dragonsden. Always loved the idea of my ashes scattered into space... seems it could become an affordable thing soon.
  • [24-09] If ur ashes r in space n some old dear sends her cats up Aliens l recover the ashes n bring you back to life as a half cat freak #dragonsden
  • [08-10] Have your #ashes scattered in the stratosphere...🚀#DeathCafeLimerick
  • [14-10] Memories scattered in the ashes outside of #JourneysEnd in #SantaRosa
  • [07-08] Must go back Home soon to visit where we scattered Mom's Ashes #Hull #Yorkshire #England
  • [09-10] Half his ashes in the churchyard, half scattered in the river. Years later he's still only in the one for me. #LossLit
  • [09-10] Half his ashes in the churchyard, half scattered in the river. Years later he's still only in the one for me. #LossLit
  • [28-09] Have you thought about where you would like your #Ashes to be scattered? Have you thought about telling your #family ab
  • [08-10] When it's my time to go... I either want to be in #cryogenics s or my #Ashes in #space
  • [24-09] Bit dodgy getting your ashes shot into space... #dragonsden 😜
  • [12-10] They were on #DragonsDen but they weren't the first ones to offer ashes in space. Anyway, would you do this?…
  • [26-09] Catching up on #DragonsDen and i feel sick about these two that want to send ashes into space 🙈😂
  • [24-09] We have been offering a service to scatter ashes in space since 2011 #dragonsden
  • [24-09] what were the ashes to space business called on #dragonsden ? Any idea? Missed the intro
  • [10-10] #Ashes in space: British company launches first extra-terrestrial #funerals:
  • [14-10] Memories scattered in the ashes outside of #JourneysEnd in #SantaRosa
  • [13-10] SA's #space leaders strengthen ties with Asian space agencies post #IAC2017, visiting the #Taiwan National Space Pr…
You can now pay £800 to have your ashes scattered in space
Forget having your ashes thrown off a cliff or made into a ring
* Ruining my child’s life earlyI am going to have a son named Phoenix and when Phoenix is old enough I will buy ashes and hand it to him saying that the ashes were him from another life and he was reborn, and as an extra measure lay ashes on his bed as he sleeps
* Band: Sinsaenum Song: “Ashes” Album: Ashes EP Release Date: November 10th, 2017 Label: earMUSIC Bassist Frédéric Leclercq (DragonForce) previously said of the upcoming EP: “Ashes is showing a more mature version of our music, and also an angrier side. A lot angrier. We wanted the production to be rawer. Nothing is polite here. We just want to grab the listeners by the throat and spit our hatred…View On WordPress
* Ashes to ashes, funk to funky We know Major Tom's a junkie Strung out in heaven's high Hitting an all-time low
scattered from, against, or by? [closed] A quick Google search gives me the following sentences: An electron is scattered from a nucleus. An electron is scattered against a nucleus. An electron is scattered by a nucleus. Which one is ...
Are the coins scattered around the castle only useful for health? There are four coins in the main hallway, and a number of them in the Boos in the yard. Is there anything to gain from them other than health? Do I get anything for collecting them, perhaps in a ...
What is the secret to the random pillars/monoliths scattered around in Fez? In fez, there are several pillar/monoliths scattered about the world. When Gomez approaches them, dot will say things like "I wonder what this is" or "I forget what these are". So far they have been ...
Which comedian sang "...scattered PIC-tures" and in what movie? Looking for '80s, '90s, '00s comedy in which an actor (like Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Will Ferrell, etc.) sang part of "The Way We Were." The character may have been drunk -- or just sad -- and I remember that the "PIC" in "pictures" was emphasized and the phrase "of the smiles we left behind" was very rushed. That's all I've got! Please help!!!!
Do the notes scattered through levels serve any purpose? Strangely, I've been finding Artyom's current thoughts written down in places he's never been to. Ignoring how ridiculous that is, does finding these notes serve any purpose other than enriching the ...
From what age should I expect the child to pick up her toys which she scattered while playing? At what age should this be started? How to go about it such that the child doesn't feel bored?
Can memorial ashes be legally scattered in New Yorks Hudson River?
Will gene and alex relationship get serious in ashes to ashes?
When does the 3rd television series of Ashes to Ashes premier?
Is john simm in ashes to ashes series 3?
Terri gibbs blind singer sang ashes to ashes dust to dust who in the workd is a woman supposed to trust once i had a lover once i had a frienc then they met each other and you know how this will end w?
When was the first Ashes to ashes cricket tounerment?
Where is ashes to ashes found in the Bible?
How many ashes were played and which country won the last ashes?
Is there going to be a fourth series of the BBC's Ashes To Ashes?
What is the role of charcoal in gunpowder mixture and why not ashes because I think ashes would provide more carbon than charcoal?
What does this mean. a scattered dream is like a far off memory a far of memory is like a scattered dream i want to line the pieces up yours and mine?
Will there be a fourth ashes to ashes?
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