You can now pay £800 to have your ashes scattered in space

Forget having your ashes thrown off a cliff or made into a ring 12-10-17
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  • [10-10] You Can Now Send Your #Ashes To Be Scattered In #Space As #British Company Launches Space Funerals via @IFLScience:
  • [24-09] Ashes scattered in space? Declined offer!? #dragonsden
  • [24-09] Who the hell would want their ashes scattered in space?! Would be like emptying a car ashtray on the M25 #DragonsDen
  • [24-09] Watched #dragonsden. Always loved the idea of my ashes scattered into space... seems it could become an affordable thing soon.
  • [11-11] New All time Ashes XI competition coming soon...Who will you pick? Watch this space for more info #ashes #fundraising
  • [08-10] Have your #ashes scattered in the stratosphere...?#DeathCafeLimerick
  • [14-10] Memories scattered in the ashes outside of #JourneysEnd in #SantaRosa
  • [24-09] If ur ashes r in space n some old dear sends her cats up Aliens l recover the ashes n bring you back to life as a half cat freak #dragonsden
  • [04-11] #IanBrady's ashes were dumped at sea but doesn't that take the honour away from those from the military that are scattered there?
  • [07-08] Must go back Home soon to visit where we scattered Mom's Ashes #Hull #Yorkshire #England
  • [03-11] Why were Ian Brady's ashes scattered at sea? How about a quick flush down the bog? Thats where most scum ends up in anyhow! #IanBrady
  • [03-11] #IanBrady they've scattered that bastards ashes in the sea, well aren't our seas polluted enough with more shit being dumped in them
  • [03-11] #IanBrady ashes burried at sea. Scattered over a landfill site would have been better. Good riddance to bad rubbish
  • [03-11] The Jews did the same to Eichmannafter they executed him, scattered his ashes over the sea so he "wouldn't soil Holy land" .. #IanBrady
  • [03-11] #IanBrady 's ashes ' scattered' at sea, good one, scatter him where kids & families visit 😒, should of gone down the fucking drain
  • [03-11] They should've popped the evil bastards ashes in a concrete block and buried it in prison grounds, not scattered at sea 😡 #IanBrady
  • [03-11] Shame the marine life around #liverpool have had the ashes of a demon #IanBrady scattered around Shud hav been burnt till no more @SkyNews
  • [09-10] Half his ashes in the churchyard, half scattered in the river. Years later he's still only in the one for me. #LossLit
  • [28-09] Have you thought about where you would like your #Ashes to be scattered? Have you thought about telling your #family ab
  • [08-10] When it's my time to go... I either want to be in #cryogenics s or my #Ashes in #space
  • [30-10] @pjminett Watch this space 🏏+☀️+🍺=😎 #ashes #strewth
  • [24-09] Bit dodgy getting your ashes shot into space... #dragonsden ?
  • [12-10] They were on #DragonsDen but they weren't the first ones to offer ashes in space. Anyway, would you do this?…
  • [24-09] We have been offering a service to scatter ashes in space since 2011 #dragonsden
  • [26-09] Catching up on #DragonsDen and i feel sick about these two that want to send ashes into space ??
  • [10-10] #Ashes in space: British company launches first extra-terrestrial #funerals:
  • [11-11] Watching #BluePlanet2 again and wondering why people get their ashes shot into space when you could get them droppe…
  • [24-09] what were the ashes to space business called on #dragonsden ? Any idea? Missed the intro
  • [16-12] #Boeing tapped to sustain Space-Based Space Surveillance system - Space Daily :
  • [12-12] Australia vs England 3rd Ashes Test Tips and Predictions#AUSvENG #Ashes
You can now pay £800 to have your ashes scattered in space
Forget having your ashes thrown off a cliff or made into a ring
The fuss is about where his ashes go after cremation, Glasgow City Council said it would refuse any request for Brady to be cremated in the area. Assurances were made his ashes will not be scattered on Saddleworth Moor,
I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered in a forest and in the ocean where they will become one with mother earth
Kurt Cobain Has No Gravesite Kurt Cobain, famous Seattle musician and leader of the 1990s grunge era, was not buried after his death in 1994; his body was cremated, and his ashes were scattered in a memorial ceremony. Read more at
I Just Came For Ashes by Robin Teresa Beck (Author) Robin Beck had been active in the gay community for over 30 years. One February afternoon she innocently walked into a Catholic Church to, "do ashes". Having no intentions of ever leaving gay life and not an ounce of desire to become Roman Catholic, "I Just Came For Ashes" is the amazing story of God's alternate plans for His daughter's life.
And of course, you all realize that a 'smart phone' would not work in space or anywhere else there were not cell towers scattered all over. A long distance 'walkie-talkie' is the proper tool.
he wants his ashes sprinkled on the moors. if he has a relative entitled to receive the ashes, you never know what they might do. You'd hope decency would prevail. If it fell to me to dispose of them, I'd put them in a sealed container and bury it at sea.
Peter Sutcliffe 'wants ashes scattered in Yorkshire His wish has outraged the son of one of his victims who has said there is 'no way he's coming back to Yorkshire'.
Space Funeral Startup to Launch Ashes Into Orbit Elysium Space already has 100 customers for its maiden launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
Ashes 2017: Matt Renshaw's form a worry for Australia before Ashes Former Test opener Chris Rogers has urged selectors to show patience with Matt Renshaw, whose run of outs has given Australia's brains trust another batting worry before the Ashes.
Space Wrangler - Space Wrangler is a dynamic space sandbox featuring multiple experiences designed to offer variety in gameplay. Experience the wonders and turmoil of Space as you traverse the cosmos as part of a new generation of explorers, frontiersmen
Scattered rain likely
PsBattle: Planet Earth and the International Space Station, backdropped by the blackness of space, photographed from NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis on 25 November 2009.
TIL that there have been dinosaurs in space. Bones from a baby Maiasaura were sent into space by NASA in 1985 and later in 1998, a Coelophysis skull was a passenger on board a shuttle to the Mir space station.
I have so many scattered data, help me organized them
Scattered rains in Rajasthan
Scattered but linked via memories
Scattered rainfall forecast
Scattered rainfall expected
Scattered rain likely in Namakkal
Scattered rain for two more days
Scattered rain likely in Chennai
scattered from, against, or by? [closed] A quick Google search gives me the following sentences: An electron is scattered from a nucleus. An electron is scattered against a nucleus. An electron is scattered by a nucleus. Which one is ...
Dark spots scattered on my fig I have asked this question on here before, but these brown spots are different from the ones that I have asked about in my other question. These brown spots are very dark and are scattered, and they'...
scattered fields from cylindrical dielectric I am trying to solve this problem from the book "Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics by Constantine A. Balanis". I have applied the boundary conditions as following: $$E^i + E^s = E^d$$ Which gives ...
Scattered Phone GPS Locationing While on WiFi So I am not exactly sure how to put this question because it is very specific and I am not sure of there a hard concrete answer, but I am just looking for some enlightenment on the matter and it is ...
Are the coins scattered around the castle only useful for health? There are four coins in the main hallway, and a number of them in the Boos in the yard. Is there anything to gain from them other than health? Do I get anything for collecting them, perhaps in a ...
What is the secret to the random pillars/monoliths scattered around in Fez? In fez, there are several pillar/monoliths scattered about the world. When Gomez approaches them, dot will say things like "I wonder what this is" or "I forget what these are". So far they have been ...
Can memorial ashes be legally scattered in New Yorks Hudson River? Yes
[07-12] What percentage of the suns energy is scattered or reflected back into space?
Is john simm in ashes to ashes series 3? It was rumoured but no. The shadow of a Sam Tyler shaped figure appeared but was actually the younger Gene Hunt.Clips of Simm in Life On Mars were used in the 'Sam Tyler Jacket' sequence
When does the 3rd television series of Ashes to Ashes premier?
Will gene and alex relationship get serious in ashes to ashes?
Terri gibbs blind singer sang ashes to ashes dust to dust who in the workd is a woman supposed to trust once i had a lover once i had a frienc then they met each other and you know how this will end w?
When was the first Ashes to ashes cricket tounerment?
Where is ashes to ashes found in the Bible?
How many ashes were played and which country won the last ashes? not fully sure about how many were played but England won the last
What is the role of charcoal in gunpowder mixture and why not ashes because I think ashes would provide more carbon than charcoal?
What does this mean. a scattered dream is like a far off memory a far of memory is like a scattered dream i want to line the pieces up yours and mine?
Will there be a fourth ashes to ashes?
Who or what created God-if space did not exist before God what existed-where did space begin did it grow from nothing there must have been something before space or space couldn't exist-right?
A desk top computer has 1.4 GB space in the hard drive a single character takes 1 GB of memory space how much space is left?
How could you use space relationships to model the earth and its moon since objects take up space and move through space in different ways?
Objects take up space and move through space in different ways how could you use space relationships to model the earth and its moon?
Are there laws regulating space travel For Example If I built my own space shuttle Would I be able to launch into space?
What was the Space Shuttle's flight number that put the Hubble space telescope in space? 35
Hilda Ogden actress’s ashes have been scattered - Hilda Ogden actress's ashes have been scattered at beauty spot a world away from Coronation Street.Coronation Street actress Jean Alexander - famous for her headscarf and curlers in the role...
Sacred Space Hour Rising From the Ashes October 2017 with Heather Elizabeth Neary Aisha Sky Gates an - Join Heather Elizabeth, Linda Gillan, Aisha-Sky and myself as we tackle the earth events that have happened these last 2 months, reactions from the psyche, ...
Michael Stipe & Karen Elson - Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover) - Michael Stipe & Karen Elson - Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover) Artista: David Bowie Álbum: Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Data de lançamento: 1980 ...
Bowie Tribute Berlin 2017 Laura Guidi + Band - Ashes To Ashes - video janhenrikbauer + esterala for
Who will win the 2017 ashes? our ashes-ometer on whether australia or england is on track for succe - Who will win the 2017 ashes? our ashes-ometer on whether australia or england is on track for success This page will be updated throughout the series and will ...
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