Topless dancer advert on London Tube censored - even though you can only see her back

A tights firm hit out at Transport for London’s advertising rules today after it was forced to cover up part of a model’s back in a campaign image. Heist Studios, which launched its first advertising campaign on the London Underground this month, was told by TfL’s agents to add a bandeau top to its image of a dancer leaping through the air in a pair of tights. In an email to Heist’s creative director Edzard van der Wyck, seen by the Standard, a member of staff at Exterion Media, which holds the £1.1 billion advertising contract for the Tube, said one of TfL’s “stipulations is we cannot run topless models on the Underground”. 12-10-17
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Topless dancer advert on London Tube censored - even though you can only see her back
A tights firm hit out at Transport for London’s advertising rules today after it was forced to cover up part of a model’s back in a campaign image. Heist Studios, which launched its first advertising campaign on the London Underground this month, was told by TfL’s agents to add a bandeau top to its image of a dancer leaping through the air in a pair of tights. In an email to Heist’s creative director Edzard van der Wyck, seen by the Standard, a member of staff at Exterion Media, which holds the £1.1 billion advertising contract for the Tube, said one of TfL’s “stipulations is we cannot run topless models on the Underground”.
The best way of getting about in London is by Underground, or what we call the Tube [pronounced Choob]. Fact is that most of us, including even us born and bred Londoners, see London in terms of the famous London Underground or Tube map : - London Underground Map LONDON. http:// There is a very large selection of Tube maps, but the above one will do. You can get a FREE copy of the Tube Map at any Underground stations. You can also get a 'local' map, again FREE at most Tube Stations in Zone One and some in Zone Two - central London areas.
For me it's the Tube for convenience, a bus for seeing beautiful London out of the window (but not the traffic - a 5 minute tube journey can take about 20 minutes on the bus) and walking is great too - central London is very walkable and you're bound to come across a park when wandering. However, you don't get wet on the tube or waiting for a tube to arrive when it's raining, so that's my choice.
London is never dull or boring. "When a man is tired of London he is tired of life". Dr Samuel Johnson - a Londoner. Student life in London http:// 1] CRIME Stats for London - click on any area and read right. http:// 2] BOROUGHS of London This next link has an interactive clickable map, you can select any London Borough and it will take you to the townhall and you'll be able to find out about that borough etc. http:// 3] TUBE MAP - The London Underground - an interactive alphabetical list of all of London's tube stations. Click on to find out what's there. Click left for more London info etc. http:// 4] FREE EVENTS in London http:// 5] STREET MARKETS of London - click on etc. http:// 6] TUBE MAP - interactive pdf http:// You can pick up a free pocket-sized edition of the London Tube map at any London Tube station. 7] VIEWS of LONDON - 360-pans http:// 8] SHOPPING - Oxford Street http:// 9] TRAFALGAR SQUARE webcam http://
Welcome to London Panoramas Time Out for London - What's On Trafalgar Square - Live webcam Tube Map - don't leave home with out it - you can pick up a free copy of the London Underground map at any Tube station. Guide - Randomness of London London information - lots of Quirky London facts Facts - plain old London ones Attractions of London You will probably find this next link useful - public toilets in London. A LONDONER SINCE 1941
London tourist help please? Can someone plan an intinery for me please. I will be going to London for the first time and using the tube. I find the whole tube system confusing and want to plan my beforehand. What tube stops should I make first, This is what I want to see: River Thames Madame tussauds Harrods London eye Buckingham...
Sounds like you were walking from Monument to the Bank station - they are connected by a very long tunnel which runs beneath King William Street, City of London - see map. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=mo... More links http:// By the way, there is no such thing as a 'sad obsession with the London Underground' it has millions of fans , not just here in London, but world wide too. It is the world's oldest and first underground railway network starting life 150 years ago. We've just celebrated the 150th birthday of the London Tube. http:// Yes, all that smoke too - but by c1905 we got electric trains. More London Tube (Underground) madness ABANDONED TUBE STATIONS 200812.1954 abandoned tube stations http:// TUBE HIP-HOP DANCE 281212.0848 hip hop dance on the tube http:// TUBE STATION, SECRET 311212.0915 secret underground http:// TUBE STATIONS BY LINE 200812.1928 tube stations by line (in order) http://tubephotos.dannycox.me.uk/stationsbyline.html TUBE BLOG 021012.2008 underground blog http://london-underground.blogspot.co.uk/ Tube Nut London UK 150113.1814
Man charged over London tube bomb attack -London police
Scenes From the London Tube Scenes From the London Tube Dan Gaba, a Wall Street Journal photo editor, began capturing life on London’s subway and buses after moving there from New York in late 2015. As a newcomer to London, he found the library-like silence on London’s tube a culture shock compared with the more raucous New York City subway. Here are some of his photos.
What You Need to Know About London's Night Tube Starting in August, London Underground trains will begin running all night on the weekends.
London Hit by Tube Strike London Hit by Tube Strike Commuters across the British capital endured a challenging start to the week as much of the city’s subway system was shut down by a strike over job cuts at stations.
Man charged over London tube attack
Police responding to London tube incident
London's Night Tube Postponed Until Next Year Talks with train drivers' union broke down today.
London Tube Bomb Was 'Packed With Shrapnel The bomb could have caused much more damage in the British capital if it had fully exploded.
London Tube strike hits commuters
Man charged over London tube bomb attack
Police arrest second man over London Tube bombing Home secretary promises extra £24m for counter terrorism and protecting public places
London police responding to tube incident
London tube bombing arrests: five now held Seventeen-year-old held in south London and home cordoned off as police investigating District line explosion search property Police investigating the attempted bombing of a London tube train last Friday have made a sixth arrest. A 17-year-old boy was arrested under the Terrorism Act shortly after midnight on Thursday morning in Thornton Heath, south London, the Metropolitan police said. His home has been cordoned off as police search the property. Continue reading...
`Another suspect arrested over London tube attack The 21-year-old man was arrested in Hounslow late Saturday, according to police
Man with samurai sword on London tube train There are delays on the London Underground tonight after a man was spotted with a Samurai sword. There is panic on the line following the sighting on a tube at West Ham.
London to Stonehenge to Bath to Portsmouth back to London I've only been to London once and did a day tour to Stonehenge and Bath. My Husband and I have the wonderful opportunity to visit England again at the end of this month. We will rent a car to drive in the beautiful countryside, spending about 2-3 days in Bath. But, is there another, convienent, comfortable way to get to these places? We'll have our luggage with us until we return to London for the last few days.
London Tube Strike: What to do? Unless something miraculous happens, the entire London tube will be shut down by the unions on 8 July 2015. The BBC is reporting that the strike will begin Wednesday afternoon and continue all day on Thursday.Against this backdrop, tourists who have come for Wimbledon may be stranded, perhaps even the competitors. Worse, a sympathy strike by FGW will hinder tourists planning to attend the Ashes Test in Wales.The UK is in peak tourist season and thousands of tourists will be arriving in Heathrow. The union may operate parts of the Piccadilly Line to prevent a horrendous safety incident at Heathrow, but there is no guarantee of this.What other transport systems will be working, especially those which honour Oyster Cards and other forms of prepaid tickets that tourists may have purchased? Related question, but only partially answered: How to get to London Heathrow from Shepherd's Bush in light of possible Tube strike?See also: Tube delay on a cross-London rail transfer, who to claim compensation from?
What are the rules about take a bike on the London Tube? Can I take a bike on the Tube (underground) in London, if so how much does it cost?
Travelling using the Underground (the Tube) in London [duplicate] Possible Duplicate: London on public transport: what kind of tickets to use? I will stay in London for only 2 days, but will travel using underground train (tube) quite often. So my questions ...
Is there a map that shows the walking time between London Tube stations? Sometimes when gadding about in central London I am set back by a station closure or some other incident that requires me to find another station. In those cases I don't care if the station is on the same line (I can always connect to resume my journey), the paramount concern is walking time.So what I am after is a guide to the London Tube that contains the average walking time from station to station.While I am a London area resident the same issue confronts visitors; indeed, in the case of a visitor, their need is more acute because they have no clue about which tube stations are in the general area. Question: how can I obtain a walking map of the London Tube system? While the immediate interest is London, I would love the same for other cities too (Birmingham, Edinburgh, and so on) if they exist.Edit: Yes, I can use Google Maps to obtain the walking distance between two stations that are explicitly identified. But this drill must be conducted serially for each alternative. Also, given the situation, I would prefer hard copy because the net can be very slow in some places.
London Tube: Buying paper tickets at Gatwick? I need to make 1 return ride with the London tube. I figured out that a paper tickets is the best option (don't have contactless credit card, and I do not need a oyster card) but:Can I buy a paper ticket return upfront (e.g. valid for a month)?Can I buy a paper ticket in each underground station (in zone 1)?Can I pay a paper ticket there by VISA Credit Card?Can I buy London Tube tickets at Gatwick Airport Station from one of those 15 red vending machines which are lined up there? Or is this only for train? Thanks
Can you do pass back on the London tube - with a pay as you go oyster card?
Who is the gymnast in the Panasonic Smart Viera London 2012 advert? Her name is Sophie Brundish.
When heating liquids in a test tube why the tube must be moved back and forth across the flame of the burner?
The filaments at the back of the cathode tube shoot a beam of electrons to the screen at the front of the tube? CRT is the answer..
How a dancer can get back into shape?
How long will it take on the tube from London Waterloo station to London Euston station? 10 minutes
How far away is Kent from Central London. And how long does it take to get from Kent to London by tube or bus? You can't travel to London from any part of Kent by tube. You could take a bus but it depends on which part of Kent you are travelling from to tell the time it would take. It takes about 4 and 1/2 hours to get to London my train.
If you left London with 100 pounds owing on your bank card can you now come back to London three years later? Yes, but you would still be liable for the debt and as a delinquent defaulter, you may find it impossible to get any form of credit.
When heating liquids in a test tube why is the test tube moved back and forth across the flame?
What is the tube in London?
Why is the London tube so hot?
How did thay build London back after the great fire of London?
How many tube trains are there in London? The number of trains in use varies depending on the day and the time. At peak time, there are approximately 500 active trains on the network.
How many people use the London tube?
How do you get to 02 from London Victoria by tube? Take the Circle Line eastbound to Westminster, then change for the Jubilee Line eastbound and get off at North Greenwich station, which serves the O2
What is the best tube station in London? Canary Wharf - absolutely cavernous, has clean, free-of-charge toilets and is connected to an extensive underground shopping centre.
What is the least busiest tube station in London?
Is there just one tube from London Waterloo to st pancras? Yes - the Northern Line (Charing Cross Branch)
Bomb Explodes on London Tube, Injuring 22 - An explosive device detonated at Parsons Green station in southwest London during rush hour on Sept. 15, injuring 22 people.
Charing Cross Tube Station TfL - London, UK - One of my favourite Tube Stations in Greater London, United Kingdom. Is like a 'World History Book' from Elementary School. Tube Station: Charing Cross ...
Random London Vlog | Hackney City Farm & The Tube - Compilation of random video clips taken from some of the places I visited when in London over the weekend. Funky edits to go with the funky music, enjoy!
Central London tube stations in 'bomb threat' lockdown - Britain is on the edge following the Parsons Green attack last week, with four bomb scares taking place across the country in less than 36 hours.Six streets near ...
Parsons Green explained: Terror attack on London Tube - On September 15th 2017, an explosion went off onboard a crowded Tube train in London. Witnesses described a 'huge fireball' in the carriage at Parsons Green ...
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