Londoner's Diary: John Bercow is a darling bud of May

While the mere mention of the diminutive silverback made the lips of the previous Cabinet curl, Theresa May’s allies can slap on a big smile after his vote of confidence in the Prime Minister. At the Speaker’s state rooms last night for a Hansard Society event, Bercow paid tribute. “I don’t think it’s a disclosure of state secrets to say that I’ve got better relations with Prime Minister May than I had with Prime Minister Cameron,” he said.

John Kelly 'Stunned' By 'Selfish' Congresswoman Who Recounted Trump's Call With Soldier's Widow
White House chief of staff John Kelly said Thursday that he is dismayed that a Florida congresswoman mad President Donald Trump’s phone call with the family of a soldier killed in combat, in which the president said the man “must’ve known what he signed up for.”
Londoner's Diary: 48-year-old Spectator intern says you're never too old to hack it
IN 2015, actor Robert De Niro proved you’re never too old to re-enter the workforce in hit comedy The Intern. Now The Spectator is following suit with a surprising new hiring. Yesterday the magazine’s website published a blog by its new intern, Katherine Forster, who admitted that she’s not what you’d expect: rather than a precocious graduate, she’s a 48-year-old mother-of-three. She applied to The Speccy’s coveted internship programme, which has a no-CV policy, and while she’s hardly a match for De Niro in the age stakes she ackn
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Trump says John McCain should be careful criticising him: 'I'll fight back, and it won't be pretty'
Donald Trump is continuing to stoke his feud with veteran Republican senator John McCain, warning the Arizona Republican he would “fight back” against criticism. Among Republicans who have criticized the president, Senator McCain has emerged as a particularly vocal detractor. This week he issued a stinging rebuke of Mr Trump’s foreign policy - which has been animated by skepticism of international agreements - in a speech that slammed abdicating “the obligations of international leadership” because of “some half-baked, spurious nati
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The masked British militant who appeared in beheading videos of Western hostages has been named by the Washington Post.
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An 'existential crisis'? How John Kelly reacted to Donald Trump's threats against North Korea
John Kelly, Donald Trump's chief-of-staff, appeared to go through an "existential crisis" on Tuesday, social media users joked, as he listened to the president's address to the UN General Assembly. Mr Trump used his maiden address to the world's leaders to escalate his standoff with North Korea over its nuclear challenge, threatening to "totally destroy" the country of 26 million people and mocking its leader, Kim Jong-un, as a "rocket man." A great and important day at the United Nations.Met with
It's your money, St. John's: What are the mayoral candidates' spending priorities?
If you were to be elected mayor of St. John's, what would your spending priorities be? Danny Breen: "I think you have to look at it from both capital and operating spending. From a capital perspective, one thing I wouldn't be spending money on is in private developments.
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  • [15-10] #nowplaying "John Lennon - Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" from the album [Imagine:Music From The Motion Picture]#johnlennon
  • [19-07] Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter Little darling it feels like years since it's been here Here co
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  • [28-09] @kylegriffin1 Just google "GASLIGHTING", "John Barron" or "John Baron" and "John Miller". This is one OLD roadshow.…
  • [13-10] MPs should not feel obliged to back Brexit, says John Bercow. #BrexitReality #StopBrexit.
  • [19-10] Commons Speaker John Bercow gave the Government an absolute bollocking last night over #UniversalCredit vote:
Londoner's Diary: John Bercow is a darling bud of May
While the mere mention of the diminutive silverback made the lips of the previous Cabinet curl, Theresa May’s allies can slap on a big smile after his vote of confidence in the Prime Minister. At the Speaker’s state rooms last night for a Hansard Society event, Bercow paid tribute. “I don’t think it’s a disclosure of state secrets to say that I’ve got better relations with Prime Minister May than I had with Prime Minister Cameron,” he said.
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* August Diary: The White Left’s Rampage, What Comes After “Nazis”, Etc., by John DerbyshireThat was the month that was. If you are a native New Yorker you probably know — and if you’re not, you probably don’t know — the “August!” joke. Two guys, Benny and Sammy, meet on the street in the garment district. Benny: “Hey, Sammy! How ya doin’? Haven’t seen you for ages.” Sammy: “Benny! Been a long time! How are you? How’s business?” Benny: “Don’t ask! Don’t ask! Listen: April and May,… View On WordPress
* Alistair Darling brought us back from the brink. What would John McDonnell have done? John McDonnell has said that the thinkers who have most influenced him are Marx, Lenin and Trotsky If something like the financial crisis happened again, would you want John McDonnell calling the shots?A decade ago Britain was experiencing its first run on a bank in a century. On Thursday 13 September, 2007, the BBC reported that Northern Rock had received emergency support from the Bank of England.What was supposed to be an act of reassurance triggered panic. And by the following morning queues of savers desperate to get their hands on their money had formed outside the bank’s branches. The following Monday, Alistair Darling, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, calmed the panic by guaranteeing deposits at Northern Rock.At an event to mark the anniversary this week, the former chancellor reflected on the turbulent time and the financial crisis it heralded. He remembered one telephone call in particular: the one from a panicking Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland a year or so after the run on Northern Rock.The Financial Times had reported that morning on a supposedly secret meeting between Britain’s bank chiefs. They were desperately short of cash, none more so than RBS. Now everyone knew it. And when the markets opened, RBS’s share price plummeted.At the time, it was the biggest bank in the world, with a balance sheet as big as UK GDP. The Chairman told the Chancellor his bank was going to have run out of money by the afternoon and asked: “What are you going to do about it?”“If it had shut its doors and the cash machines went off,” recalled Darling, “there would have been a run on every bank in Britain and America that afternoon, and frankly right across the world, my guess is.”Darling was left with no choice but to intervene. It was one of the most nerve-wracking moments of the crisis, he says, and he fears that we are in danger of forgetting quite how close we came to the brink. Just as chastening is the thought that even in a complicated, globalised financial crisis, Britain’s economic fate was largely determined by a few people in Downing Street.Which is why the current volatile state of British politics – made even more volatile by Boris Johnson’s surprising gambit this weekend – is so worrying.As the Tories barely cling on to power, the man waiting in the wings to replace Philip Hammond in Number 11 is someone who, when asked who were the “most significant” influences on his thought answered: “The fundamental Marxist writers of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, basically.”Remember, John McDonnell welcomed the crash: “I’m a Marxist,” he declared, proudly. “This is a classic crisis of the economy, a classic capitalist crisis. I’ve been waiting for this for a generation.”What if something as serious as the financial crisis were to happen again? Who do you want answering the call from the next panicked chairmen? Not someone delighting in the thought of the impending chaos. Not someone giddy at the thought of angry people on the streets looking for directions to the house of whoever is to blame.John McDonnell isn’t just anti-capitalist. To put it bluntly: it is unclear if he believes in parliamentary democracy. In 2013,  he said that system “doesn’t work for us”. And it is during inflection points, such as the financial crisis, that his intellectual heroes say is the time to strike. Who knows what Corbyn and McDonnell would do were such an opportunity to present itself today.But one thing is clear: whereas Alistair Darling’s decisions during those tense months in 2007-08 were taken to preserve, as far as was possible, normalcy, John McDonnell would take whatever decision did maximum disruption to the status quo.It would not be the first time that, in the name of the People, unnecessary suffering was imposed on people. Nor would it be the last.The popularity of the doctrinaire hard-left is troubling. Not because it demonstrates the inadequacy of the Conservative Party machine (which it does). But because it suggests a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo, to which the Government must find answers soon.As for the Opposition, moderate Labour MPs should pause to compare McDonnell and Darling. They might marvel at the crowds that McDonnell and his boss attract. They can enthuse about the energising power of their anti-austerity agenda.Darling was never a showy politician. But he is a reminder of the reputation for competence the Labour Party has always needed if it is to win the lasting affection of the country. And, no matter how encouraged they were by the general election, those Labour MPs who support the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Chancellor, are endorsing men who, rather than bring the country back from the brink, would send it over the edge.Oliver Wiseman is Deputy Editor of CapX
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Can one say, “John Doe for World Cup,” meaning “I vote for John Doe to have a place in the national team”? Or, in the same manner, "John Smith for Olympics" meaning any place in a team, crew, etc? I know that it's common practice to say "John Doe for president," but here "president" is a profession/title, ...
Why is it that John Chrysostom is almost never referred to as “John Golden Mouth” in English? Why is it that the sainted John Chrysostom (b. 347?, d. 407; Archbishop of Constantinople, 397–407) is almost never referred to as "John Golden Mouth" in English? ("Chrysostom" means "Golden Mouth" in ...
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Why was Darling river named darling river? In 1828 the explorer Charles Sturt and Hamilton Hume were sent by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Ralph Darling, to investigate the course of the Macquarie River. He discovered the Bogan River and then, early in 1829, the upper Darling, which he named after the Governor.
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What is the darling of Australia? darling is tanuj
What can you do on the darling river? swim in the pool and play some games and help it alot
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