Churchill's half-smoked cigar sells for £9k

A cigar half-smoked by Winston Churchill has sold for $12,000 (£9,045) in an online auction.
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Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sells for $12K
BOSTON — A cigar half-smoked by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during a 1947 trip to Paris has sold for just over $12,000 during an online auction. Boston-based RR Auction says the 4-inch (10-centimeter) cigar was bought Wednesday evening by a collector from Palm Beach, Florida. The buyer’s name wasn’t released. The auction company says...
Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sells for $12,000
Winston Churchill’s half-smoked cigar sells for $12,000 at auction
The auction house described Winston Churchill’s half-smoked cigar as a "truly delightful relic of history." Who would bother saving a stinky cigar?
Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sold for $12,000
The chewed cigar was featured with a photo of the British leader's trip to Paris in 1947.
Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sold for $12,000 at auction
The chewed cigar was accompanied by a photo of the British leaders trip to Paris in 1947.
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  • [12-10] Half-smoked Winston Churchill cigar sells for $12,000 #boston #florida #usNews
  • [15-10] #FlashbackFriday 2016 opening ceremony with Winston Churchills!#RailwayinWartime
    Churchill's half-smoked cigar sells for £9k
    A cigar half-smoked by Winston Churchill has sold for $12,000 (£9,045) in an online auction.
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