Emmerdale spoilers: Is Liv Flaherty asexual as she makes HUGE confession to Belle Dingle?

[NO SPOILERS] Asexual Max
Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield in shock romp as they get locked in the pub cellar together
THINGS are about to get frisky in the ‘Dales as Charity Dingle enjoys a saucy booze-fuelled snog with Vanessa Woodfield. Teaser images for a very spicy episode of Emmerdale show the pair inadvertently locked in the cellar of The Woolpack following a fancy dress-themed wake for Finn Barton. This summer, The Sun hinted a fresh […]
Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle will get back together and get properly married, say soap bosses
EMMERDALE’S Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle – dubbed “Robron” by viewers – will reunite, the soap’s boss has confirmed. Producer Iain MacLeod has revealed the fan favourite couple will reunite and tie the knot properly next summer, after a special Christmas Day episode will drag them back together as Robert strives to become a decent […]
Brooke Magnanti's Surprisingly Logical Call Girl Confession: That's DR. Belle Du Jour To You
Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement, you’re aware of the fact that Belle de Jour, blogger, former prostitute, and head of the Diary of a London Call Girl publishing empire has revealed herself to be Dr. Brooke Magnanti, research scientist at the Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health. ...
Butt makes a full confession
Xinjiang attacker makes ‘holy war confession’ on TV
Arrested S. Korean missionary makes 'confession'
Spoilers: Huge revelation in 'This Is Us' premiere
Warning: This post contains spoilers about the season premiere of 'This Is Us.'
[No spoilers] I hope Bjorn gets huge screen time next season.
[Huge spoilers] My live reaction when watching last night's episode
The Confession Tapes on Netflix - gives you insight on how BD could have easily been coerced into a false confession
  • [12-10] The Best LGBT family ever Aaron Dingle- Gay Robert Sugden- Bisexual Liv Flaherty-Asexual #Roblivion #Robron 👨‍👨‍👧❤️ htt
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  • [25-09] Big #Emmerdale and #Corrie spoilers here at 7am. Set dem alarmz.
  • [05-10] #Emmerdale #robron Spoilers getting a bit repetitive xD
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  • [29-09] Caught up with #Ambulance Such an eye opener but makes me angry & sad. There are huge failures in the system. Huge. Really makes me think
  • [19-10] Emmerdale spoilers: Moira Dingle abandons baby son Isaac amid ... -
  • [22-10] I’m off facebook page soap spoiled & ill post emmerdale mag spoilers on here now if anyone wants to follow. #emmerdale #robron
Emmerdale spoilers: Is Liv Flaherty asexual as she makes HUGE confession to Belle Dingle?
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Is Octavian making a huge mistake [spoilers for First Lord's Fury] At the end of First Lord's Fury, Octavian asks Alera (basically a manifestation of the spirits of the land) how to change the way furycrafting works. Specifically, he asks for two changes: That one ...
My sewer pipe makes a huge noise when flushed. Can that damage the pipe? The sewer pipe on my building makes a huge noise whenever someone flushes the toilet. Apparently there is not enough air input in the pipe and whenever someone flushes the toilet this causes vacuum ...
Can I use EP 80W/90 oil instead of EP90 oil in a Belle MiniMix 150 gearbox? I have a Belle MiniMix 150 110V Electric Cement Mixer the documentation says to use a EP90 oil, but these days it seems that most outlets only sells EP80/90 oil. What is the difference and doe sit ...
Is Colossus asexual in nature? During the last fight in Deadpool (2016), Colossus covered his face with his hand when Angel Dust's cleavage came down. So why did he cover his face - is he asexual in nature?
Was Captain Jean-Luc Picard an asexual? I'm currently on Season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation (thanks Netflix!), and I have been wondering since almost the first episode if Picard is asexual/aromantic rather than just awkward. I am ...
DC S.C/H.Q: How can Harley Quinn be living on Coney Island and be In Belle Reve at the same time? I'd not read any new Harley stuff till this week, when I read the Harley Quinn: Joker Loves Harley Arc. Then I started Justice League vs. Suicide Squad and 2 issues in it suddenly occurred to me that ...
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