Donald Trump moves to end 'illegal' health insurance subsidies in latest attack on Obamacare

Donald Trump's Obamacare Whiplash
On Wednesday morning, another leading Republican senator suffered an injury that has struck lawmakers throughout the Capitol in the last nine months: presidential policy whiplash. President Trump can’t seem to decide whether he wants Congress to pass a bipartisan deal to shore up the Affordable Care Act. On Tuesday afternoon, the president praised and appeared to endorse an agreement that aimed to stabilize the law’s faltering exchanges by restoring crucial insurer payments that Trump had cancelled last week . Hours later, however, Trump wa
Donald Trump moves to end 'illegal' health insurance subsidies in latest attack on Obamacare
WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump, faced with the latest congressional failure to undo Obamacare, said on Wednesday he was working on an executive order to expand access to health insurance and would negotiate with Democrats for a legislative solution
Donald Trump boasts of 'plunging' health insurance stocks following executive order on Obamacare
Trump ends key insurance subsidies, vows to dismantle Obamacare
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday pledged to dismantle Obamacare "step by step" after he scrapped subsidies to health insurers that help low-income Americans pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, a move that raised concerns about chaos in insurance markets and could face legal challenges.
Obamacare Subsidy Payments: Trump Ends Illegal Subsidies
Trump administration to end Obamacare health subsidies
Trump to scrap critical health care subsidies, hitting Obamacare again
Insurers have said they will need much higher premiums and may pull out of the insurance exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act if the subsidies were cut off
Donald Trump: I Killed Obamacare ‘Gravy Train’ for Insurance Companies
Ryan backs Trump on ending health insurance subsidies
MADISON, Wis. (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan says he does not want to “shovel more money at a failing program” to replace federal subsidies that President Donald Trump is eliminating that help make health insurance more affordable. Ryan told reporters Monday that he supports the president’s decision last week to end the subsidies. In […]
Some New Hampshire Voters Question Donald Trump’s Latest Moves
Election 2016 Some New Hampshire Voters Question Trump’s Latest Moves Donald Trump’s accusations of fraud at the Iowa caucuses don’t sit well with some New Hampshire voters as they settle on their candidate of choice in next Tuesday’s Republican primary.
Donald Trump Shifts Attacks to Obamacare, Health-Care Costs
Trump Shifts Attacks to Obamacare, Health-Care Costs Donald Trump turned from attacking Hillary Clinton over her emails to focusing on voters’ pocketbook issues, denouncing President Barack Obama’s health-care law and the recent rise in individual insurance premiums.
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  • [18-10] @WSJ #FakeNews @GOP stop the illegal subsidies to #aca #obamacare being funded by my stolen private property @FannieMae @Fre
  • [13-10] Thank you, @POTUS, for ending the ILLEGAL $7B ObamaCare subsidies. Force Congress to do their jobs! #MAGA #AmericaFirst h
  • [18-10] @CathyWelsh2 @CHHolte @victory1261 @Impeach_D_Trump @MikeySnD @realDonaldTrump & #ObamaCare Insurance Company subsidies are i
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  • [21-10] Senate Republicans sponsoring bill to shore up #Obamacare insurance markets and continue funding the subsidies.
  • [13-10] Donald Trump to end 'unlawful' Obamacare health insurance subsidies for the poor #squidapp #news #trump
  • [19-10] #PresidentTrumpYou Stopped ILLEGAL #Obamacare Insurance Company SubsidiesHow About Ending ILLEGAL Subsidies For The Sw
Donald Trump moves to end 'illegal' health insurance subsidies in latest attack on Obamacare
* The Donald Gets Snookered Again—Even As The Wall Street Lemmings Charge Toward The CliffBy David Stockman That didn’t take long! Last Friday we warned that the “fix” was in with respect to an ObamaCare rescue and that the Swamp Creatures were about to give the Donald a lesson on how deal-making is done in the Imperial City. That is to say, Trump did hasten the implosion of ObamaCare by cutting off the insurance company bailout subsidies. But in suggesting that the “Dems should call…View On WordPress
* The sabotage continues. Donald Trump plans to halt payments to health insurance companies serving the poorest customers on the Obamacare exchanges, the White House announced Thursday.Trump has threatened to withhold these funds, valued at $7 billion this year, since shortly after his election victory last November. The threats alone have roiled the health insurance market, and if he follows through, it promises to be significantly disruptive. Trump will make an announcement Friday, according to Politico, which first reported the news.In Trump’s mind, dealing damage to the Obamacare market is a means to achieve leverage he believes will force congressional Democrats to cooperate with replacing the Affordable Care Act, the law President Barack Obama signed in 2010 that has brought the number of uninsured Americans to a historic low.
* Image: CC0 President Donald Trump said Obamacare is “virtually dead,” but appears ready to keep it on life support for another two years. Just days after ending subsidies to insurance companies, an executive policy put in place under President Barack Obama with no approval from Congress, the Senate appears to have a bipartisan agreement to restore subsidies for two years. In that time, Trump believes there will be the votes to pass a bill similar to the Graham-Cassidy legislation that would have block granted Obamacare money to states. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Chairman Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and ranking member Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., announced they reached a bipartisan deal backed by Senate leadership for a two-year extension of subsidies for insurance companies. The deal would also allow states to experiment with different standards for insurance plans that don’t conform to federal requirements. Still, insurance companies would be required to cover pre-existing conditions. “For Congress, the most important thing is to recognize that funding the cost-sharing reduction subsidies—as many are now calling for—would prop up the subsidized Obamacare exchange market, but would do absolutely nothing to stabilize the broader, unsubsidized individual market,” said Ed Haislmaier, a health care policy expert at The Heritage Foundation, in a statement. “What is instead needed to stabilize the unsubsidized market is the removal of Obamacare’s cost-increasing insurance mandates and misguided regulations. To fix that Obamacare-caused damage and lower the cost of insurance, Congress will need to make other policy reforms,” he added. “We have been involved,” Trump said of the deal Tuesday during a Rose Garden press conference with Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. “This is a short-term deal, because we think ultimately block grants going to the states is going to be the answer. That’s a very good solution. We think it’s going to not only save money, but give people much better health care with a very, very much smaller premium spike.” Trump said the deal will “get us over this intermediate hump.” “It is a short-term solution so that we don’t have this very dangerous little period, including dangerous period for insurance companies, by the way,” Trump said. Earlier in the press conference, Trump predicted Obamcare’s demise. “Obamacare is a disaster. It’s virtually dead. As far as I’m concerned, it really is dead,” Trump said. “It’s a concept that doesn’t work, and we are very close. We feel we have the votes—and as soon as we’re finished with taxes, we really feel we have the votes to get block grants into the states where the states can much better manage this money and much better take care of the people, rather than the federal government.” Congress has failed to deliver on a seven-year promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. Report by Fred Lucas. Originally published at The Daily Signal.
"My little Trump" - Is Frank referring to Donald Trump during Nazi report? In Season 6 Episode 7 of Shameless, Chuckle Slott was giving a report on Nazis. After the report, Frank Gallagher says: Thats my little Trump . Capitalized? I'm not sure if he's referring to Donald Trump , or if this is a reference to something else. I didn't care much for/read into Donald Trump until his campaigns for presidency, so I'm not aware of how racist he may have appeared before the campaign. I understand he has made many racist remarks, but tends to contradict himself quite often. Question Is Frank referring to Donald Trump?
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Why is company provided health insurance tax free, but individual health insurance is not? Why is company provided health insurance tax free, but individual health insurance is not? I do not understand the rationale for making health care contributions by companies non-taxable, but if an ...
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