Police raid Gold Coast massage parlour 'used as brothel

The moment a police officer bursts through the door of a Gold Coast massage parlour to find it’s allegedly being used as a brothel has been caught on camera.

Police arrest two women for running brothel in Bat Yam
Six arrested in massage parlour raid
Police raid brothel, five arrested
Police raid brothel, 5 held
Police raid two massage centres
Questions over police role in ice-cream parlour raid
Massage parlour raided
MNS activists ransack massage parlour
Massage parlour raided, 10 women among 19 arrested
Massage parlour and therapy centre raided
Illegal massage parlours blamed for downturn in brothel business
The rise of massage parlours illegally offering sexual services is causing a decline in brothel attendance, says Brisbane sex worker "Charley", a mother of two who entered the industry to improve her income and family life.
Three held in raid on brothel
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Police raid Gold Coast massage parlour 'used as brothel
The moment a police officer bursts through the door of a Gold Coast massage parlour to find it’s allegedly being used as a brothel has been caught on camera.
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What catchy phrase can you use for massage parlour?
Does personal service at a massage parlour mean sexual service?
How far is gold coast airport to gold coast city centre? The Gold Coast Airport or Coolangatta Airport is situated around 25 kms from the heart of the Gold Coast which is Surfers Paradise. It is approx 30 minutes drive.
Is the Nine Network's Gold Coast Studio owned by WIN Tv because Nine Gold Coast News has the same annoucer as Nine News Perth? Yes it is. Because there's a Portable Studio Van Truck that has one studio with the Nine Gold Coast News Set and the Nine Gold Coast Newsdesk and a control room and it's a giant truck and on the front of the Truck it has the Nine News Logo which is The Nine Dots and the number nine and the words as seen on and then the WIN Television Logo WIN.
Why do they call Australia's Gold Coast the Gold Coast? Because the coast of Australia is so "golden" (A.K.A. the sand) and it is full of beaches.
How long does it take to commute to Brisbane CBD from the Gold Coast if looking to live in Coast and work in Bris CBD? This would be an unwise move. A large number of people live in the Gold Coast or along the Gold Coast-Brisbane corridor, and travel to Brisbane to work. Travelling in peak hour traffic each morning and afternoon can take in excess of the hour that it normally takes out of peak hour times. Traffic into Brisbane in the morning and out of Brisbane in the afternoon travels at an average of 35kph, according to the RACQ, Queensland's main motoring body. This means it can easily take two hours to commute one way.
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What does Score in a brothel you couldn't score in a brothel mean is it a part of some song why are the football fans singing that? Many football songs are sung to the tune of Ava Nagela (no idea how that is spelt!) . This one is an ironic suggestion that the opposing team are unlikely to "score" a goal and indeed probably couldn,t even "score" ( have a sexual encounter) if they paid for it. "score" is colloquial English for a sexual success.
Why is the Gold Coast called the Gold Coast? The Gold Coast is called what it is called because of its miles and miles of golden sand and the fact that there are seemingly endless golden, sunny days.
How do you get from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast? Upon leaving the Sunshine Coast, take the M1 motorway which leads down to Brisbane. Stay on the motorway to cross the GateWay Bridge, and this continues on as the major highway down to the Gold Coast. You do not need to go through the main city centre of Brisbane at all. Depending on where you are leaving from the Sunshine Coast, and your final destination on the Gold Coast, the journey will take between 2 and 3 hours.
How long does it take for the police to organize a drugs raid?
Does homeowners policy cover for damage by police raid?
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