Tributes paid to ‘the mighty atom’ Ian McNeill

He was the Dons striker who was so beloved by the Pittodrie faithful that they called him “the mighty atom”. 13-10-17
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Tributes paid to ‘the mighty atom’ Ian McNeill
He was the Dons striker who was so beloved by the Pittodrie faithful that they called him “the mighty atom”.
If you read the press not only in France, but around the world, you will find tributes being offered to all who have suffered. The 'Muslim policeman' (Ahmed Merabet) in the eyes of the murderers was not the 'sort' of Muslim they would get on with. He probably believed in integration, fairness, democracy, education and last but not least - acceptance. Of everybody. If you have either not seen the news since Wednesday, chances are you will have missed all the tributes.
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Isoelectronic refers to two atoms, ions or molecules that have the same electronic structure and same number of valence electrons. Not isoelectronic with argon atom: A. the bromide ion E. the magnesium ion F. the fluoride ion When a bromine atom gains an electron to become Br⁻, it then has the same electron configuration as (is isoelectronic with) a krypton atom. When a magnesium atom loses two electrons to become Mg²⁺, it then has the same electron configuration as a neon atom. When a fluorine atom gains an electron to become F⁻, it then has the same electron configuration as a neon atom. ~~~~~~~~ When the other answer options gain or lose electrons to become their respective ions, they then have the same electron configuration as an argon atom.
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