North-east energy firm did not investigate staff drug use claims, tribunal hears

A north-east energy firm failed to properly investigate a whistleblower’s claims that staff were on drugs, a tribunal has heard. 13-10-17
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North-east energy firm did not investigate staff drug use claims, tribunal hears
A north-east energy firm failed to properly investigate a whistleblower’s claims that staff were on drugs, a tribunal has heard.
If you came to my office and told my staff that I was a useless boss, and that you could run the firm much better than me, I would tell my staff that you were having a bad day, and you didn't mean it. I'd forgive you, and leave it there. However, if you kept coming back, day after day telling them the same thing, you'd leave me with no option. I'd either have to shoot you, which would make my staff think that perhaps you were right and I was scared of you, or let you run my firm for a short while. Then, when my staff don't get any bonuses, and the food in kitchen tastes awful, and the toilets are dirty, and there are no pay rises. They will know you were lying. Then I'd shoot you.
Investigate what? There is no evidence, all of the claims are years to decades old, and at least three of them have been proven false. UNLESS we could investigate how much the Clinton campaign paid the women to make the false claims. How about investigating that?
I am from Newcastle in North East England. It's not in the north east UK though because there's a whole other country to the north of us, in case you hadn't realised. If you're in Scotland and you start talking about being from the north east, people will think you mean Aberdeen or somewhere like that. I can understand Americans getting this wrong (saying UK when they really mean England, or the other way round), but anyone born here and old enough to use a computer really has no excuse.
You're bringing up one chunk of the United States and using it to represent the entire United States. Every city you described is in the north east, and the north east is very different than the south east, the south west, the mid-west, and the north-west. I'm from the north east, and those cities are a lot different in culture. Also, modern day feminism isn't the same as actual feminism. There's a huge difference between actual women who should be respected, and men hating lesbians.
For people to say North is better than the South is absolute rubbish, South London has some lovely areas including Clapham, Fulham, Kennington, Kingston, Richmond and Putney. The worst parts of London are Peckham (South), Dalston (East), Tottenham (North), Hackney (North East), Dulwich (South East).
They are a business and their goal is to maximize profits. They know exactly how much money it would cost to investigate a claim such as yours and if the wholesale price of the item is less than the cost to investigate, it's cheaper for them to just replace it. If you have repeated claims like that, they just block your account.
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‘We had to believe claims and investigate'
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In Chicago, IL, why do most north/south streets change names east of Ashland on the north vs south side?
Cork firm with 160 staff to be wound up A Co Cork mechanical services company with debts of almost €2m and 160 employees is beyond saving, the High Court has been told.
Using "like" at the end of the sentence. North-East like? I've lived in the North-East of England for over 10 years now but I always wondered about this particular usage of the word "like". For years I have heard countless sentences or questions that sound like: "Are you all right like?" "I've been to ... and it's pretty good like" I have learnt to use it not by literal understanding but rather the context and I know it can't be translated into other languages. Has anybody got any idea where it came from? Are you from other part of England and use it just like the Geordies? (it's only my assumption it occurs in the North-East and nowhere else)
What kind of cases are heard in small claims tribunal?
Does insurance investigate injury claims? Some do if the facts are strange or if they are hard to prove or there are inconsistencies.
Please Help. What do you do when the insurance companies tells you they cannot contact the person named in the police report and that you must pursue the perpetrator through the small claims tribunal? Usually if your vehicle is insured for collision and other than collision coverages, you can be paid for the damage and they will subrogate or go after that party for the costs incurred.
Which court hears misdemeanor cases involving small claims?
The international military tribunal for the far east was eastblished to try suspected war criminals from war in what ocean?
When Proctor hears that his wife claims to be pregnant what reason does he give for believing her?
Which act first established a federal commission to investigate claims of individual voter discrimination?
Which of the following is the lowest in priority of claims against a bankrupt firm? The lowest priority of claims against a bankrupt firm are common stocks.
[04-12] If south become north east north east becomes west and so on what will be east becomes?
The court which holds trials and hears claims for damages against federal government is what court?
How should you respond when a law firm claims you owe a large amount of money on an old debt?
Would FBI be called in to investigate killings by out of state drug lords? yes
Should Claims about single individuals should be treated as an Equivalent claims a Negative claims a Affirmative claims or none of the them? Claims about single individuals should be treated as A claims or E claims. pg 254 in your textbook
Where can i find East kent bus staff records from 1950?
What if your firm has claims made malpractice insurance and claim is submitted 15 years later by a minor is there a provision that affords coverage if you have changed carriers? Yes, Typically, If you changed companies without any lapse in coverage, the company or your agent will have maintained your retroactive date. If so, then you are covered by your current policy. If you had a lapse in coverage between insurance companies, then you may have lost your retro-date resulting in no coverage under your current policy for losses that occurred prior to that time. Look at you policy declarations page for the term "Retro Date". Any claims presented for occurrences after this date will be covered under the current policy, even if it was over 15 years ago and regardless of
What is displacement of a bike who travels 14 blocks north 3 blocks east 20 blocks south 4 blocks west 6 blocks north and 1 block east?
What religion does not claims its spiritual home is in the middle east?
What religion does not claims its spiritual home is in the middle east?
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