'Harrowing' tales emerge of poor care in Wales

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'Harrowing' tales emerge of poor care in Wales
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What is the difference between UK and Scotland? Too many people are giving poor answers. The UK is the political union between the four countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The title is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". Scotland is country within the UK. Government? - The UK Parliament governs the whole of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Scotland has a Scottish Parliament but is still mainly controlled by the UK Parliament. The Scottish Parliament is less powerful than the UK Parliament and was designed for issues which only affected Scotland. Wales has an Assembly (not as powerful as a Parliament), as does Northern Ireland where they can deal with their own issues etc. The Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Irish Assembly is devolution. Health Care? - The UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) has a UK Health care System called the NHS (National Health Service) which is paid for through UK taxpayers. No medical insurance is necessary and everybody can be treated at hospitals. Laws? - The UK government decides major laws, like Immigration and Defence laws for the UK as well as the UK Drinking Age (which is 18). However, each country can introduce small laws which are not affecting the other countries (an example is the ban on Fox Hunting in Scotland). When it comes to the Law System; Scotland has a different system from the English and Welsh courts. Other Notes: - Everyone pays their taxes to the UK Parliament. - Scotland has a separate Educational System from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Generally, Wales and England follow the same system but I think Northern Ireland has a different system. This website might help you understand better: http:// Hope this helps. :-)
Why do democrats think its okay to tax poor people for not being able to afford insurance? Dems care about votes and keeping themselves in power, they do not care about poor people. The Dems have been begging/pandering for votes from poor people for over 50 years, and most of those voters are still poor.
Have you heard the harrowing tale of the ugly barnacle?
If Christ came back right now during Trump's tenure and walked among us...? No. Actually, I'm sure you well know, it is the Democrats who stand opposed to any care for the poor. In fact, their platform, as far as I can tell, seeks to outlaw caring for the poor entirely. Like everything else, they seem to think it should be the government's responsibility to care for the poor. They want to keep individuals or the church from doing it. This is reprehensible. Republicans, on the other hand, want to move the care of the poor from the abomination of allowing the government to do it, to the Christ-ordained role of the church and/or individuals doing it. For years I tried to convince myself that it really was possible to be a Christian and a Liberal at the same time. But I have now realized that the two are simply incompatible. I realize a person might be both, but only through ignorance of Christ's commands. If one truly understands what Christ commanded, one must see that the government caring for the poor is a grave abomination. It is just as evil, and just as effective, for the government to care for the poor as it would be for the Church to patrol the streets with guns attempting to maintain order. By advocating that the government care for the poor, you are abdicating Christ's command to do so yourself. It is not now, nor can it ever be, the government's job to care for the poor. That is the command Christ gave to you and to His Church!!! By letting the government do it, you are in direct disobedience to Christ. You are no less an unrepentant sinner than is a habitual adulterer. You may ask, "But what if the Church doesn't do it's job?" Do two wrongs make a right? Even if the Church didn't do it's job, it would not thereby make it permissible to allow the state to do the Church's job. I have come to realize that Liberalism and Christianity are inherently incompatible. Only through ignorance of one or the other can a person be both. It is in direct disobedience to Christ's very command to care for the poor to foist that responsibility on the the shoulders of the state. While I don't believe that any government in the history of the world has ever been able to effectively care for the poor, nor do I believe it would ever be possible for any government to do so, my position would not change even if our government could do the job perfectly. The fact is, Christ told His Church to do it. Allowing the state to do it is, frankly, sin. Would you want the state to perform Baptisms? Would you want the state administering Communion? Would you want the state teaching spiritual truth? Then what possible reason could you have for thinking it would be okay for the state to usurp the Church's job of caring for the poor? As I said, you may as well let the church patrol the streets with guns to keep order as to let the state care for the poor. The state's job is clearly outlined in Romans 13. The state's job is to use force to maintain order. Nothing more. The desire to have the state take care of the poor is in direct opposition to the message of Scripture and the Words of Christ. It is the government's job to keep us from murdering each other. It is NOT the government's job to take care of the poor. So, no. I don't see how an educated, informed Christian can be an educated, informed Liberal.
Would HIV had happened eventually if it didn't start in Africa? Yes and no. No, a virus identical to HIV would not have turned up elsewhere. Evolution simply doesn't work like that. However, new viruses that cause human diseases emerge from time to time, and some other kind of virus causing immune deficiency could still emerge elsewhere.
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What the PURE study really means "poor people with poor diets and barely enough to eat, and living in places with limited if any modern medical care- are more likely to get sick and die than people living in better circumstances.
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Better Care for the Poor, More Return on Cost Better Care for the Poor, More Return on Cost Poorer outcomes of Medicaid patients may be due in part to lower quality of care and access issues, but they are also related to the fact that this population has more health issues and poorer health habits.
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What should I do to care for a small olive tree in the winter (South Wales)? What should I do to care for an olive tree when it gets cold (here in the UK)? The tree is about 3 feet tall and I have access to a greenhouse (unheated).
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What’s the meaning of “I don’t care…” as a reply to a poor joke? Is he saying he doesn’t like the playful attitude? Or is he cynically referring to part of the joke? I’m reading a Harry Potter book and found ‘I don’t care …’ in a scene. For the moment, I have ...
devote herself to caring for poor people vs. devote herself to care for poor people [duplicate] I came across the following multiple-choice question: She devoted herself to ( ) for poor people. The choices are: caring care be caring have cared As the preposition "to" can be followed ...
What's the difference between “harrowing” and “poignant”? What's the difference between "harrowing" and "poignant"?
Harrowing of Hell [closed] From the Apostle's Creed we know that Jesus descended to Hell. Dante's Inferno also mentioned how Hell might look like. What kind of Hell was it that Jesus went to? Was it, Mark 9:48 where ‘the ...
In what century did hospitals emerge as major care centers for the sick?
What is the harrowing of hell in Hebrew and what chapter and verse is it in?
Why was there so many differences between the rich and poor in eighteenth century Wales? The rich were exactly that the poor suffered terrible deprivation especially those in the Rhondda, Cynon and Gwent vallies. In the 1700 the main export from these vallies was coal and iron. In the 1700 the biggest Iron works in the world was at a town called Merthyr Tydfil; over 20% of teh world iron was produced by the great blast furneses of the town . The Guest familiy that wown their owrks in fact owned the town because they dictated who would work and who would not. Living conditions were bleak to say the very least. Many towns in Wales suffered huge issues of deprivation, over crowding a
Free health care for the poor is?
[15-11] In poor driving conditions the first steps you should take care to?
The Bible teaches that Christians should care for the poor Why?
The federal program that provides free health care to the poor is? There are two: Medicaid, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program.
Which programs can help poor families with health care cost? Medicaid is the primary program used to support health care costs for poor and indigent families. Each state has separate income qualifications. The Affordable Care Act attempted to expand the number of families covered under Medicaid, but left the decision up to individual states. Contact your local Medicaid office for qualifying criteria.
What was health care like for the poor and the rich in Medieval England? There was no health care for the poor as they could not afford it. conversely, the rich could afford decent health careMore:There were a number of charitable organizations that provided poor people with health care and other assistance, and these included many monasteries, convents, and churches. In many parts of Europe, the health care rich people could afford was probably no better than what the poor could get. The best health care was available in Muslim lands, and a lot of rich people went to Cordoba for health care.
Is Medicare the federal program that provides free health care to the poor? Medicaid is for low income people and Medicare is for those who are disabled or retired.
How can poor dental care cause strokes heart disease or rheumatoid arthritis?
Who started the settlement houses that provided care and education for the poor American urban?
Is it possible for the poor to get living necessities for free like clothes food transportation dwellings health care if so then where?
After the civil war did the Freedman's Bureau provide food clothing and medical care to former slaves and poor whites? this is true
What is a federal grant program that helps states to pay the hospital medical and other health care bills of the poor?
[20-12] What organization provided food clothing health care and education for Southern blacks and poor whites?
What part of Wales voted yes more north Wales or south Wales? north wales.
Why do rich people often receive better health care than poor people?
Being trans, being 50+, living in Wales: Dignified and inclusive health and social care - Based at Swansea University in the Centre for Innovative Ageing, our research project seeks to develop dignified and inclusive health and social care services ...
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Poor Dog So Thickly Covered in Matted Hair Because the Owner No Time to Care Her - Poor dog that was so thickly covered in matted hair. She could barely walk, let alone see, as the hair covered all of her face and was so hard and heavy like a ...
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